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The creative way to get a race packet home on a bike (Read 359 times)


    Duct tape...



    levitation specialist

      And I just thought you stuffed them in your calves, diz!


      Don't you have a backpack, or better yet, a Mountainsmith Lumbar bag?

        That's one way!  Anything with duct tape!


          But, if you don't have a bag, what do you carry your duct tape in?



            Are you the cretin who makes fun of people fighting cancer?


              Are you the cretin who makes fun of people fighting cancer?


              Did you know that my sister has cancer is terminal. We are going to see her in the spring in Canada. I have never at one point ever made fun of someone fighting cancer get your facts straight before you open your stupid mouth.

              Run Lanie, Run!

                Dizzy...I am sorry to hear your sister has cancer! Thoughts and prayers to you and your family! On a lighter note, duct tape and WD40 ROCKS!!!

                  In Kentucky, another name for duct tape is Kentucky Chrome! 1001+ uses

                  I AM WEEZER.


                  Drink up moho's!!

                    You put in on wrong, should have been about 3 feet higher.


                    Barking Mad To Run

                      Gee, Diz, I thought you'd carry it home like jail prisoners carry their contraband.  Of course, that would then make it difficulty probably for you to sit on the bike seat. Joking


                      I am so sorry to hear your sister has cancer.  Wishing her all the best! I will dedicate a future race to her.

                      "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." Theodore Roosevelt


                        You put in on wrong, should have been about 3 feet higher.


                        I wouldn't be able to see though, and its quite harry by the time I get home most nights.  I get off at 5pm but I live 9 miles from work so the ride is 30-35 minutes and its quite dark by the time I get home most nights,  Notice the headlights on the helmet Smile there is also lights on the rear of the helmet.



                        Lanie my sister finishes radiation today and is hoping to go home to Winnipeg this weekend, shes at a hospital in Minnesota.  She beat it a couple of years ago, she even had a clean bill of health in October, and it just came back this time it wrapped around the nerves so they can't operate and they are just doing radiation and chemo to try and buy her time.  We got to get passports in January so we are ready to fly out in a hurry if needs be and then I will likely be going up in April or May.  They hope the chemo buys her a year or two but you never know, last time they had to cut out her hamstring, but her leg is now dead and she will have to be wheel chair bound I think she might be able to get around a little with a cane but she says her leg acts like a roller skate.  Thanks for the kind thoughts, shes strong and she beat it once we are hoping she can give it a run for the money again.


                          You always end up in the strangest situations.