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Karen M in OR?? (Read 167 times)

Don't call me Buttercup!

    Paging Karen!  Bob said you're my new team leader (for Triple Digits?) - I noticed we don't have a team thread in the miles game forum, so I thought I'd ping you here.  


    Looking forward to "meeting" everyone on the team - where do you guys hang out? 

    Slow and steady wins the....  wait a second! I've been lied to! 


      I'm not Karen M but welcome.  Team Triple digits tends to not be very talkative.  Glad you are on our team.  Karolyn


        Karen M has been posting that she's facing major work overload for a few months and is looking for someone to take over.


          Welcome! There's a miles game forum? 

          I'm still trying to find my way around here lol...

          Our team doesn't seem to have a regular team thread. I am on the west coast and keep odd (late) hours so by the time I find the thread and post there is usually no one else around.

          Don't call me Buttercup!

            Yes, there's a miles game forum. =)  It's just below this one on the main page.  I'm going to start our thread over there, in case anyone does want to touch base. I know ya'll aren't the chattiest group, but oh well.  


            I did get  Karen's PM on RWOL saying she's stepping down.  That's too bad.    

            Slow and steady wins the....  wait a second! I've been lied to! 

            Susan,Queen of the Crocs

              Just wanted to say hello to the Triple Digits.  Also popping in because there's a link to the Miles Game Forum in my sig line.  Please come and visit.   The summary will be posted there later today.