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Cold Gear Running Shirt (Read 332 times)


Healed Hammy

    Happy Christmas eve all, hope your homes are ready for Santa tonight.  Perhaps he might look like this?


    Running Santa


    Anyway, on the more serious side, as part of an early Christmas present I got a Nike Pro Combat Hyperwarm shirt (Hope we can use brand names, if not please erase mod).  Not sure if I want to keep it as it seems rather thick and thus too warm.  Has/does anyone wear this type of shirt for running in colder temps, say 28-40 deg?


    It was from a large sporting goods store so I can return it and get goves, hat, a different tech shirt, etc.  This will not become a bureau shirt (the kind that sit in there and never get used), just don't know if it is practical.


    Again Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to all.



      There is no issue stating brand names or models, we actually need that information.


      I am unfamiliar with this particular shirt but I do have a similar one by Under Armour.  I wore it one time in temps of around 48 degrees while running and almost died from heat exhaustion!


      It goes counter intuitive to what we know as baseball or football players, or other athletes in general, but loose air flow type clothing works best for running. For me anyway.

        I have shirts that are similar, and it's a nice addition.  I like to have a tight base layer for cold weather weather running, and then layer another shirt or two on top based on temps.  I have both thin and thick base layers, depending on temperature.

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          I just wear long sleeves until it gets under 20 degrees. Then I wear a really light tech jacket, sortof made out of what a rash guard is. For sub zero temps, I just got a Sugoi Speedster 3 1/4 zip shirt/jacket thing that is fleeced on the inside. This morning it was -3 degrees for my 8 miler and I was toasty warm!

          Everybody is different, but if you won't wear it then it isn't worth having, no matter what anybody else says. Some shirts are just too hot, itchy, chafing, ill fitting, aren't breathable, or just plain suck. It's okay to take it back and get something you will wear.


          Healed Hammy

            Here is the shirt I got, its a Nike Pro Combat Hyperwarm Dry Fit.


            Pro Combat


            I think I gonna pass as it feels a little too tight for winter running and I'd rather have some air space if sweating in colder temps.



              I wear mine when biking in late fall or early spring, and sometimes on the coldest days in the winter under regular clothes.  So there is a NRR use for it.


                I have UnderArmour's equivalent, but I don't care for the compression, either.  Love UA's fitted version though.  I wear them in temps at or below freezing.


                Skirt Runner

                  I have a UA ColdGear fitted mock, and a "Layer 8" version with fleece lined inside. Neither of those shirts go on my body if it's over 30. If it is in the 20s (or a really windy low 30s day, because wind always makes me a lot colder) I will wear either one as a baselayer, usually with a thinner, looser long sleeved tech shirt on top and that keeps me warm down to 21 degrees. I have yet to run in colder than 20 so I can't report. But for mid to high 30s and 40s I generally wear thinner long sleeved tech shirts, with a short sleeved tech shirt under or on top....I've tried the ColdGear baselayer in the mid-30s and nearly died of overheating.


                  LOVE the sexy santa runner pic Wink any of those Santas can come down my chimney anytime! hehehe

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                    I have  NB and Champion(Target Branded) LS undershirts that are borderline compression. I normally wear them under a light Tech Jacket or shirt for 20-0°  My body temp runs warm so I rarely get cold in first place. After a mile I am itching to pull layer off, normally roll up sleeves on one layer and take hat off.wife got me Nike Element Shield Full zip for Xmas so gonna try jacket and short sleeve tmro.(Teen temps here in MN)

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                      I really like the UA Cold Gear compression style shirt.  Mainly because it pulls the sweat off when it is cold and or wet.  I seldom have nip chafing with a compression shirt as well.  With a looser fit I tend to get chilled.




                      Squidward Bike Rider

                        Just ordered me a Cold Gear mock and compression tights.  Too bad they won't be here until next week, though.  Roll eyes




                          I really like the UA Cold Gear compression style shirt.  Mainly because it pulls the sweat off when it is cold and or wet.  I seldom have nip chafing with a compression shirt as well.  With a looser fit I tend to get chilled.

                          Another guy I know has said the same thing.