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Wednesday Penguins.....what'd I miss?? (Read 31 times)

Bad Ass

    Kristin - It happens.  I disappear from time to time.  I also get week.  Oh well, I got in a good tempo run tonight.  I've never had chest congestion for just 2 days, but I'm feeling pretty good today.  Hopefully, I won't have to take any more time off.  We'll see.


    Hey Jerry!


    Docket - I'm thinking I need a bike for the Oak Barrel.  Can I borrow yours?  I need it stashed at the 6 mile marker.  It's downhill from mile 9, and I need to make up some time for a big PR.


    Scotty - ENOUGH with the beautiful weather!  We're still getting snow.  You're like the guy with cupcakes outside of a weight watchers meeting.  Sheesh!


    Jack - I stole your workout for tonight.  Take that.


    PAD - Are you going to get all buff and stuff?  They won't let you into Planet Fitness if you do.


    Lauren - That marathon distance is like that.  Nobody wants to do it, but then they hit the gateway drugs (5K, 10K, HM).  It's all downhill from there.


    HsM - Thank you for also having snow.  I don't feel so all alone now.


    Bin - Mojo is overrated.  It used to be a television station, but it's out of business now.  You'll be fine :-)


    Ginny - Thank you for also having cold weather.  It's like a support group here.


    Zel - You got this!


    I'll put it right there with a sign that says, Awood, you're almost there, Keep running!  Should work, right?


    6 miles on the bike, pushups and situps.



    "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

    It's always fucking hot in Miami!


    Miles to Go

      Okay...I can't get to page 2 yet.  I have to start working on dinner.  Good news is that my run went well tonight, and I'm below 225 again.  Who knows what I'll feel like next week.  I never know.  LOL


      Thought you were closer to 200?

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      Bin Running

        Set a 2014 in 2014.. Tongue


        Ran 1992 last yr and I though I should be able to add a little more this yr.. Not happening yet.

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