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Report and Photos: Frosty 5K/5 Miler (Read 9 times)


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    I am Scott aka Scottydog aka Scotty Dogg, runner since 1983, cancer survivor – caught very early, so I actually had a fairly easy time of it - , retired Air Force, employee of University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA), friend of dogs, fun-runner, and all-around punster and goofball.  In 2003 I had spinal arthritis flare up and ever since then I’ve done the run/walk method since it hurts my back too much now to run continuously with no walk breaks.  I’m on what I call my “2F Plan” which stands for Fun and Finish.  My only goals for a race these days are finish everything I start, have fun along the way, and finish standing up with no ambulance waiting for me.  At events that I now do for fun I carry my camera, chase “Great Legs” to help motivate my slow old man self to keep moving forward, and take pictures before, during, and after the race. Sometimes I even get a nice post-race sweaty hug from one of the Great Legs ladies.   I then do a pictorial race report of my events.  I also carry dog biscuits with me to treat any dogs I may meet at a run – unless it’s a mean dog; then the biscuit goes in one direction and I go in another.  Hence my nickname “Scottydog.”


    And a big thanks to for allowing me a “home” for my many many MANY race reports and photos.  Great site, free training log; calendars; running routes; maps; conversation forums for runners; and much more


    Here is yet another of my photo reports.  Full report below.    


    Link to photos only:



    A couple of the photos came out a bit blurry, sorry about that, I am definitely no professional photographer, lol, but at least the photos are free.




    Held on Dec 24, the Frosty 5K/5 Miler was my 73rd race of 2016.  Hosted by Alamo180, a personal trainer/fitness company, this event took place in Olmos Park, a small city within the boundaries of San Antonio.  This event supports Street2Feet, a nonprofit program for individuals experiencing homelessness in San Antonio.  It provides a 5K training program, as well as other things, culminating in their really great annual fundraiser, the Street2Feet 5K – of which, I have done EVERY one since the program started in 2008. Love this race!


    This Frosty event was a free event for the holidays; you simply showed up and ran what you wanted, either the 5K or the 5-miler.  I chose the 5K.  Nice turn out for this one, around 200+ people.  Start time of 9 a.m.  Weather was cloudy, overcast, with rain threatening – it did not rain on us, however – around 65 degrees and humidity at about 93%. Welcome to San Antonio area winter, lol, you never know what you are going to get.  Only last Sunday we were in the 30s.  I arrived onsite with about 40 minutes to start time and got some pre-start photos.


    Welcome to Alamo180

     photo 016_zps7danojt4.jpg


    Our hosts


     photo 017_zpsqyb5gmx3.jpg


    Part of the Alamo180 training area


     photo 022_zpsowb33n01.jpg



    I am very bright least clothes-wise...


     photo 005_zpssru4qjxi.jpg



    Me and friend, Karen

     photo 002_zpselqec6oz.jpg


    Street2Feet Director Lana (right) and friend

     photo 009_zpsfktl3ymh.jpg


    The folks begin to assemble...


     photo 023_zpsecumsw7q.jpg


     photo 024_zpsxhdbsk8k.jpg




    Participants, etc....


     photo 001_zpsfrj9iwgs.jpg


     photo 004_zpspgxzgwqu.jpg


     photo 006_zpsg51tgmsz.jpg


     photo 007_zpsivgsyesg.jpg


     photo 008_zpsgqkaxxpl.jpg


     photo 010_zpsf5boohg5.jpg


     photo 011_zpszwcihxme.jpg


     photo 013_zps3c4yb0ll.jpg


    I am determined to make my friend Arturo smile for a photo with me just once...

     photo 014_zpsesboit7f.jpg


    This counts, right?  


     photo 015_zps4djjiizl.jpg


     photo 018_zpsstrcjdyu.jpg



     photo 019_zpsupyrcrk5.jpg


     photo 020_zpsbb8iy6xd.jpg


     photo 021_zpsjddel3ga.jpg

     photo 025_zpsxvitbxbv.jpg


     photo 026_zpspmwflgfe.jpg


     photo 027_zpsdxj5rnxk.jpg


     photo 028_zps6ynmacfs.jpg


     photo 029_zpsnchoyqus.jpg


     photo 030_zps4lembsm3.jpg


     photo 031_zpsmveov7li.jpg


     photo 032_zpsrgszakqs.jpg


     photo 033_zpstu7kyng0.jpg


     photo 034_zps0jysfcab.jpg


     photo 035_zpsnxtwkcje.jpg

     photo 037_zps0nrpbwb3.jpg




    Getting course instructions...


     photo 036_zpsncdtnenw.jpg




    Started at Alamo180 and – for those of you who know San Antonio – went up an incline along Olmos Avenue to the traffic circle at McCullough, where we veered left and went into a very nice/affluent neighborhood, passing by the local fire station on the way.  Some of the firefighters had the trucks out and gave us ‘sirens’ and ‘whistles’ and honk “cheers” as we went by, very nice. This neighborhood is very nice, with lots of probably $1M plus homes; a very pleasant area to run or walk in.  The infamous Red McCombs – former owner of the Minnesota Vikings – lives in this neighborhood somewhere.  The last part we did in this neighborhood was on a street called Primera – and since I run in this hood often, I knew what was coming: one long darn uphill.  After we got to the top, we turned left, went back by the fire station, and then back to Alamo180 the way we had come out.  The 5-miler folks had to turn right at the top of Primera, do another loop in the neighborhood, do the hill one more time, and then back to the start/finish area.  I ended up with a time of 35:50.  Probably would have done 33 – but I kept meeting folks walking their dogs in the hood, so stopped to give the doggies treats.  Killed my time, lol, but it’s all good, I had a lot of fun.  And, of course, took photos during my walk breaks.


    Past the local fire house

     photo 038_zps2lwucriu.jpg


     photo 039_zpscwqr6vyo.jpg


     photo 040_zpsgjovxmfd.jpg


    Team friend George and his son running

     photo 042_zpshhju8c0k.jpg


    Darn...sorry George, I blurred the closeup...I owe you another photo...

     photo 044_zpso9xeanmk.jpg


     photo 043_zpshbescmp0.jpg

     photo 045_zps1zxxt9ny.jpg


     photo 046_zps2abdv15d.jpg


     photo 047_zpsllqel797.jpg


     photo 048_zpsile6mcnl.jpg


     photo 049_zpsyzotil92.jpg


     photo 050_zpsyju6tpke.jpg


     photo 051_zpscv5pzxxq.jpg


     photo 052_zpsdco2y0vv.jpg


    I'm near the top of the hill on Primera Road and looking back the way I'd just come..

     photo 053_zpso3mvgcwv.jpg


     photo 054_zpspfdxklfc.jpg


     photo 055_zpsq94rkeg2.jpg


    Thanks, Volunteer!


     photo 056_zps5g0dauhe.jpg






    One young lady had hurt her ankle a bit.  Well, my car was parked pretty close and I’d put some Gatorade in a cooler and surrounded it with a couple of my reusable icepacks. So I went and got my Gatorade and gave the icepack to the young lady.  I have plenty, so I told her to keep this one, take it home with her.   Then I wandered around drinking my Gatorade and taking some ‘after” photos. This was a dog-friendly event too, so as long as I had dog biscuits in my pockets, the doggies got post-run goodies too. There was also Gatorade and water and some really good Christmas cookies, and a drawing for free entry into a couple of upcoming events – I did not win anything, darn the luck.


    These two young guys made me look bad..they kept passing me... 

     photo 057_zpsghxogpjb.jpg


     photo 058_zpsuwnci0vm.jpg


    Two happy, smiling holiday people and a Grinch...

     photo 059_zpskgt1czb9.jpg


     photo 060_zps1zawjtxa.jpg


     photo 061_zpsroaszxk4.jpg


     photo 062_zpsziiujy6y.jpg


    My friend, Karen, is just the right size for an old man to rest on after an event....

     photo 064_zpsum0h4eil.jpg


    Me and one of my personal heroes and inspirations, my friend Sandra...rheumatoid arthritis and she is still out there walking her 5K.

     photo 066_zpsykwtxmyf.jpg


     photo 067_zpseay4w10z.jpg


     photo 068_zps7j7bhqss.jpg


     photo 069_zpsy2sppffa.jpg


     photo 070_zpsryyqhwnq.jpg


     photo 071_zpshcoxxpzp.jpg


     photo 072_zpsptmjrnos.jpg


    After I got home, I was just like my cat, Sinatra...I just laid around for a while and did nothing...except I was in my chair, and watching Green Bay win over the Vikings - yeah, go Pack!  Sinatra didn't care either way... 

     photo 073_zpsul8ghu5f.jpg




    Done this event twice now – did it last year – and always enjoy it.  Alamo 180 owners Bree and her husband – whose name went right out of my head, sorry – are great hosts and really PATIENT people, opening their doors to 200+ runners and walkers each year.  Always a pleasure to see them, two of the nicest people I’ve ever met.  Lana Hernandez – probably one of the most beautiful ladies in San Antonio, inside and out – oversees the Street2Feet program, and is always gracious and helpful at all events she is involved with.  I suspect, as a Race Director once in a while, that she probably does get a bit frustrated at times with some people she has to deal with on occasion – probably even me at times, lol, I’m certainly no saint – but she is always professional and patient and tactful.  Always enjoy seeing her at events I do. Very nice course – and lots of patient residents – lots of smiling, friendly participants, lots of ‘runner comradery’ at this one.


    Mucho thanks to all the people who made this one happen for us – Alamo180, Street2Feet folks, City of Olmos Park folks, and, as said before, all those patient residents as we flooded their neighborhood streets with runners and walkers. Kudos to those firefighters too, cheering us on.   This one is definitely a keeper on the race calendar!

    "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." Theodore Roosevelt

      Nice to have a free race to run during the holidays. Lots of people dressed up in seasonal colors too. Looks like fun.