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The Thrill Of The Thursday Penguins! (Read 22 times)

Bad Ass

    I've done variations of this one.  They are fun when done with friends.  Don't break anything.


    I forgot to mention that yesterday when I saw DW at the track meet, she told me she signed us up for a mud run. Though I have never heard of it, it the "world famous" Camp Pendleton Mud Run. Has anyone heard of it? It's a 10k, has a bunch of obtacles, and we are doing it with three other people in a team of five. At the very least, it should be interesting. I also signed us up for a 10k on Memorial Day and we are thinking about signing up for a marathon in October.  We shall see...



    "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

    It's always fucking hot in Miami!


      Between raising chicks, starting crops, hospital appointments and other stuff, I'm having an unnaturally busy week, so I'm sorry for not keeping up with you all! I am reading every day.


      2.3 miles this morning.

      Jack K.

      uʍop ǝpᴉsdn sǝʇᴉɹʍ ʇI

        Docket: Yes, I will be careful. We are doing it strictly for the fun of it and are not trying to race or even get a good time. I don't even know what a good time is for one of those.

        Coralie: We have chickens so if you have any questions feel free to PM me.


          Good morning Gus!  I thought about you when the storms hit us last night and wondered if you got them.  Too bad you got caught -- we didn't have any hail but the lightning was intense.


          I got my 5 miles in before the thunderstorms.  They were slow, but it was 85º so I cut myself some slack.  It should be nice for this afternoon's run -- sunny and mid-60's.  Last night's rain made everything "green up" -- the allergies kicked in but it sure is pretty.


          I forgot to thank you guys  (Mel, Mitch, Ginny) for the feedback / advice on my taper.  I guess I"m just getting nervous.  I vacillate between fretting about my pace (how much faster than training pace should I target?) and thinking that I should take advantage of the automatic PR and just run nice and slow.  Then I do the math and realize I'll either finish in about 2:30 if I run my typical training pace, or 2:20 if I push hard....and either time is slow so it just doesn't matter.


          Margo, it sounds to me like you're going to be just fine.  And neither of those paces are bad.  Plus you know you will always have us as your fans!


          jblack--- cauliflower crust for pizza?  How interesting!  Do you use dried, ground cauliflower as flour or something?


          zelanie-  so glad to hear your hip is better and you're feeling good again!


          Ginny-- hope you get a bit of rain, just no thunderstorms while you're trying to run.


          I just did an easy 6-1/2 for this cool spring day.


          "We do not become the people who this world needs simply by turning our backs on anyone we don’t like, trust, or deem healthy enough to be in our presence. "  ---- Shasta Nelson

          Dad on the run.

            Ginny - My wife would never go for full blown vegan. And we simply can't afford two different diets. But I would like to try and implement more of a vegan lifestyle. I have a guy at work who is Mr. Workout and he was showing my pics of him before and after he went vegan and his body fat dropped a lot. He went from ripped to insanely ripped. I'm the type of person that eats what taste best in the cabinet. So if I could just rid our kitchen of all that processed grossness I would be all the happier, but my wife is all like Ella Kate enjoys her snacks. Well so do I!! lol. Would it be cruel to just take out all that crap and just throw it out and keep healthier option for everyone in the house to snack on?

            My parents said I could be anything when I grew up, so I decided to be Awesome!


            Barking Mad To Run

              Y'all have been busy!  I had a short-notice project for work to do today so I missed the morning party!  Hope everyone who is hurting feels better soon!    Sounds like a lot of you got some wild weather!  Once again, our weather folks said RAIN...but all we got was a measly little drizzling instead of a good Mother Nature is actually a guy and has a prostate problem.   So all the city Powers That Be are once again threatening harsher water restrictions this summer if we don't get some really good rain soon!     However, today is a beautiful day.   Sunny, low humidity/dewpoint, 75 degrees. I believe I will go run along the San Antonio Riverwalk today, have not done that in a while, and today is a lovely day for it.

              "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." Theodore Roosevelt


              Barking Mad To Run

                At work running late . Caught in a thunderstorm duringu run last night- got pelted with pea sized hail'


                Well, at least there was no hailing taxis.  Wink   Glad you made it through safe!

                "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." Theodore Roosevelt


                  JBJr –


                  When I want to make changes in eating habits (for me or the whole family), I have better luck making one change at a time rather than jumping in with both feet.  For example, when the kids were toddlers we drank 2% milk and only ate white bread.  I switched to skim milk and we all noticed it for a couple of weeks, then it became “normal”.  A little while later I switched to 100% whole wheat bread; the kids complained for a week but then it was okay.


                  Last year I made a rule for myself – no store-bought cookies / cakes / pies.  We are allowed to have baked goodies only if I bake them.  That does two things:  it requires more effort on my part to put the empty calories in the pantry, so fewer cookies get consumed.  It also allows me to know exactly what goes into the cookies. (I have a recipe for oatmeal-craisin cookies that is low-fat and no cholesterol; eating a couple of these isn’t much worse than having a bowl of oatmeal.)


                  Where I’m going with this is that maybe you can get your wife to go along with your diet changes if it happens gradually.  If the pantry has too many bad choices, eliminate them one at a time.  Let her choose which bad boy goes first.


                  BTW, it would be hard for me to eat vegan…I like eggs and meat, but I would really, really miss cheese!


                    Docket: Yes, I will be careful. We are doing it strictly for the fun of it and are not trying to race or even get a good time. I don't even know what a good time is for one of those.

                    Coralie: We have chickens so if you have any questions feel free to PM me.


                    Jack, we've had chickens for the past 5 years. Unfortunately at the beginning of the year, our flock was wiped out by a raccoon. We got more, then last week a neighbours dog tore its way into the run and killed 36 of our 8 week olds, urgh. So I'm back to brooding 21 smelly buggers in the house, with 18 on their way from Meyer in 2 weeks, and 7 outside. Thanks so much for the offer, there is such a huge learning curve with chickens!


                      Thanks Zel!  Good luck to you too!  You're gonna rock it. Big grin


                      Anybody else racing this weekend?


                      Ginny, don't worry, I'm definitely not going to take it easy.  I think I may have played it a little safe at Shamrock, because I was afraid of blowing up.  I went for a pace that was only 5 seconds faster than the pace I held for my 20k tuneup race, so I wasn't risking too much.  So this time I'm going for a more aggressive pace, and if I'm still hanging on at the turnaround, I'm gonna push harder and see what I've got left.  Smile


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                        Thanks for reading/commenting on the RR.  We both came down with colds yesterday, so I haven't run since the race. DW ran 3 today, so apparently, I am the wimp.  Looking forward to more Debuts this weekend.

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