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Rock CF Rivers Half Marathon Race Report (Read 79 times)


Squidward Bike Rider

    Hot damn! Great time. Congrats!

    Bad Ass

      I am on the road but just got this post race pic from my man Joe who is the local coordinator for the Detroit chapter of Medals4Mettle.  Thanks Joe!



      Nice pic!



      "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

      It's always fucking hot in Miami!



        But what's up with the one black and one white arm sleeve?


        That's how we did it in the 80's, I won't let go.  lol

          DAMN!!!! You be fast. Congrats on the AG place.



            I think when we were first talking about plans way back in the day, you had some 15 milers scheduled in there.  I am curious, why did you decide to take those out?  Or am I remembering that wrong?


            When I initially shared my plan with you back in January there were two 15 mile runs in there.  I ultimately decided though that running for 2 + hours was not something I aspired to do or needed to for a half marathon.  Maybe I was wrong, who knows.  Nice observation though!


            Lily yes, I do believe I could have run it without water and damn near did what with all the shit I spilled!  I basically only took the water because it was offered and were it not I would have been fine based on the cold temps, really though.


            The Nuun was indeed tasty SF!


            Thanks Ron and Drew!


            DM, hot damn is old school.  You are alright with me!


            Dave, I played hell trying to get water today and actually dropped two cups.  I just was not accustomed to drinking on the run at that pace.

            Will run for scenery.

              Nice job, Rick!  I can't imagine having A, B and C goals that differ by only 30 seconds. Talk about having things dialed in.


              I liked the part about the heavy breather and the foot slapper.  I run (ran) with a different crowd, so I get to be annoyed by the hydration belt sloshers and cell phone talkers.


              Congrats on the AG award !

              Stupid feet!

              Stupid elbow!


                Well executed.

                Jack K.

                uʍop ǝpᴉsdn sǝʇᴉɹʍ ʇI

                  Are you kidding? Even without that headwind, that is a freakin' great race! FAST!!  3rd AG, as well. I would say you definitely had a good day. LRB, the beer I am drinking tonight is dedicated to you and your great accomplishment.

                    Sweet, congrats on the AG bling.


                    Those splits look awfully strong even without the added challenge of the wind.


                    And relay runners should have a giant glowing arrow over their heads or something, lol.


                      Outstanding!  Great job with the winds, and congrats on the bling! Smile


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                        Congrats LRB, 1:30 was a huge goal for me. You should feel really proud of your training and racing.


                        But I am more interested in the DSR10s you mentioned. Did you previously run in the 9s? Do they fit the same? I know they lost a shitload of weight.


                          When you consider the headwinds, those splits are outstanding.  Great race and congrats on the finishing 3rd in your AG.  In a field that large, that really is an accomplishment and I'm glad you are taking pride.    Really a great job all around.


                          Loved this bit from your RR --  "one a heavy breather and another a foot slapper."  All you were missing was a spitter to complete the trifecta.

                          Life is good.



                            Some ancillary numbers:


                            My 10 mile split was 1:07:35 and I ran the last 3.1 miles in 21:36, which was my 5k PR in 2012.


                            The overall winner came in at 1:14:23.


                            The ladies winner came in at 1:22:05.


                            The men's masters winner ran a 1:21:06, while the women's winner ran a 1:29:37.


                            Shane Logan came in second overall at 1:14:49, he is usually the first finisher around these parts for whatever event he enters.  I am sure he is pissed tonight.


                            There were 59 finishers in my age group 45-49.


                            So far from what I can tell there were 854 half marathon finishers not including the relay runners who were literally blazing the course!

                              Congratulations on running such a good race.  You really earned your AG award.



                                I run (ran) with a different crowd, so I get to be annoyed by the hydration belt sloshers and cell phone talkers.


                                That is really funny!  I feel your pain.  lol


                                Thanks Mitch, Jack, Dave and Pad


                                Jay, the pace felt fairly easy for the most part (relatively speaking that is), and thinking back I was actually never in any real physical distress.


                                I was beat down mentally more than anything which is odd because mental fortitude is my strong suit.  I am kicking myself for not doing a better job of buckling down.  More experience at this distance may help with that.


                                BP, these are my first pair ever of DSR's.  I have been wearing them while out and about and they feel extremely light and at 6.4 ounces I cannot wait to actually run fast in them bad boys!


                                Blue, there was a spitter with me for the first half or so of the race!  He actually ran over to the side of the road though whenever he needed to do it so it never really was a problem.  But yeah, had he been hawking up blobs right in the pack with us I would have likely called it a day and jumped into the Detroit river to get away from the three of those sounds!


                                Speaking of the river, I made a point to look out at the sun and water just to take all of that in while we ran along the riverfront.    I did not want to be so tuned into the race as to miss out on smelling the flowers.