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Bad Ass

    baboon, I commented in FB but here too.  Hope you feel better!


    I think you did!


    I think I did some hills today.  :-p




    Was supposed to do 8 miles, but ended up doing just under 10.  This is the last scheduled hill workout of my training cycle.  I've actually come to enjoy running the hills, and I can tell my leg strength has improved over the past 8 weeks of doing these.  I managed to average just at 10:00 per mile, which is what I'm supposed to be doing on my easy runs (but I have a problem slowing it down).  Maybe I should just put more hills into my easy runs.  :-p

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    It's always fucking hot in Miami!


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      Whoa pae... holy hills, Batman!

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        15.22 easy miles, 8:18 pace with sunglasses in effect.


        Chopped a bunch of ice out of the driveway, played 9 holes of disc golf, DW treated me to dinner, got a fire going in the woodburner, Survivor, bed.  Life is good once in a while.


        I could almost just say ditto ... except mine was an even 15 @ 8:22 with sunglasses. Cleared ice from the driveway and DW made dinner as well Wink


        Wonder how our third virtual RP's (happylily) run went & if she got to wear sunglasses and have dinner served.

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          Pae, that's awesome :-)   I'd be dead tired after doing hills like that.  I know I NEED to do hill training, in order to get more well rounded, but I have been avoiding hills like the plague.  And it is very hard to find a hill where I live, so that doesn't help...


          At least I got my 10 miles in today.  Garbage cans and trash + recycle bins blowing down the street with gusts over 45mph, so I opted for the dreadmill at the gym.  Got it done though. :-)

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