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The UC Half Marathon: A Strange Race (Read 103 times)

Bad Ass

    Nice job!  I think you have a great shot at the sub-3.  Go get it.



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    It's always fucking hot in Miami!


      No pictures of mile markers, sleeping babies and kissing girls? I'm a little disappointed...


      Big grin


      1:25 and a PR is absolutely awesome. Especially so soon after Boston. You're certainly no old man, you're some kick ass runner, Brad! Congratulations!

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      AKA bear2009

        Congratulations!  Sounds like a well run race.


        Strange about the measurements, but that will happen sometimes.  I will occasionally run several GPS programs at once, to see if they match up, and there are often discrepancies.  Weather can definitely affect the readings.

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        delicate flower

          Great race, LtH.  Coming just two weeks after Boston, that is very impressive.


          Ball of Fury

            Seriously speed race LTH!  I, too, enjoy reading your in race thoughts, because you do such a good job of detailing what you were thinking and feeling.  Congrats on a PR, especially when it wasn't planned.

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              Congrats on a great race. Good lesson - barring injury, no good reason to ever DNS, because you never know what kind of day you're going to have.


              YAYpril - B-Plus

                Congratulations! I'm impressed.



                  You suck.  See you in November.   >:-/