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The ShamRock n Roll Run 10k: Pacers Report (Read 72 times)


    Congratulations on the weight loss, then! Smile

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      Thanks LRB.  I know that pacers don't have to be out there, and yet they are.  I used a pacer for the first half of my first HM.  I didn't stick to the group like glue, but just seeing them there and knowing that someone with more experience is basically guiding you is a great feeling.  I probably would have stuck with them more closely, but they were running the full and stopping for water stations.  So, I was constantly catching, passing and being caught.  The bottom line though is that I reached the turn off point right on pace, and after 7 miles at a pace it wasn't hard to finish at something close to that.  I actually finished faster, so they probably helped me achieve a good negative split in my first HM.  Can't complain.


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        Nice job. I know you said you were pacing a 10k today, but did not know it was that one -- my wife was there! Although she did the 5k, and kind of run/walked it with friends mostly as a social thing, she is not a runner. But she is giving me the shirt. Smile


        Let me know if you do any personal pacing, I may hire you for my next race! I can't pace myself worth a crap, and you've already proven you can go slow when you're on the job. Wink


          Good stuff, Rick.


            Thank you for pacing!  I'm glad it went so well for you.  I have yet to experience a pacer who didn't go out too fast so I'm glad to see you are so good at it.  Great job!

              Great job pacing Rick. Bang on.

                Thanks to you and everyone else who volunteers to help in races.

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                  I hope if I ever use a pace group, that my pacer is like you. Great job, Mr Perfect.


                  In my group, we ask every now and again how everyone is doing, and answer questions from runners as we go along.  While I do respond to questions, I tend to not initiate conversation with anyone following me understanding that many of them are running at 80% effort or more.


                  Aside from calling out water stations, porta potties, turns and the like, I talk with the other pacers, or the obvious experienced runners.


                  I am not judging the guy but I view pacing as a job, and personally would not wear headphones.

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                    Nice work!  Volunteers are so critical for events, good for you for putting in some time on "the other side". Smile



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                      Awesome! Nice job pacing, it is cool that you have gotten into that! Love the shirt and medal!

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                         So sometimes you offer encouraging words, and other times you just shut the hell up.



                        This is a great strategy.


                        On my last marathon, I just wanted to finish in under 4:15:00.


                        There were about 10-12 of us running along with a 4:15 pacer who did a great job.  She would answer questions but didn't really have too much to say other than pointing out water stops, bathrooms, etc.  Her pace was perfect.


                        I could tell that a few of the folks were just being polite by talking to her about family, kids, etc. but I was concerned that they were not focusing much on the job at hand.  And being in the 4:15 group, it's not like we were the most experienced in the field.  I was guessing which ones would drop off first based on how much they were talking.  Sure enough, around mile 18 - 20, the constant talkers did drop back.


                        By mile 23, it was just the pacer, one guy, and me.  By mile 23 1/2 I was fading out.  I finished in 4:22:18.  Must have been karma for my previous guessing game.


                        I really appreciate you doing this though.  I think it must be a pretty tough job but very rewarding.


                        Hopefully I can hang with a 4:00 pacer soon........



                          Thanks peeps!


                          Good stuff Awood!


                          Dave, I don't rock much green, but the white piping down the sides of that shirt sets it off pretty nicely I think.  Those pics were the second wave of the 5k taking off by the way.


                          WIP11,  that's a good point, they do exactly that.  And here we were bummed because we were 14 seconds slow that first mile!


                          S99, there are a lot of horror stories, but I am sure there are many great pacers out there.


                          Oski, I volunteered twice last year and paced once.  I would like to volunteer at least that many times each year moving forward.  The dilemma is we are usually doing our own running when events are going on, but over a seven month period, I am sure I can find two openings in my schedule somewhere to give back.


                          Kris, the pics don't do it justice, it actually looks like polished brass.  And held next to the one from the Wicked Halloween Run, they are better than some medals I have received from longer distance events!



                          Though I did not "earn" it by racing the event, it is still a pretty cool trinket to have.


                          Tinman, I do want to pace half marathons someday, but I am not quite ready for marathons yet...of course, whenever I say I say I am not going to do something where running is concerned, I end up doing it out of the blue!


                            Great job!  A good pacer is definitely a great thing to have.  The pacer at my first half was awesome, ran perfectly even splits, and was encouraging the whole time.


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