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Anybody on Garmin Connect? Wanna connect;) (Read 295 times)

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    All I have to do is go to my log and click on UPLOAD GPS DATA and it pulls the info automatically from Garmin Connect (I have the 405 watch, if that matters).  It gives you a chance to categorize your run, mark what kind of shoes you wore or whatever else you want to do and then you save it.  It literally takes 2 seconds!!! 



    I'm pretty sure it is getting the data from your GPS, not from Garmin Connect.

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      I'm pretty sure it is getting the data from your GPS, not from Garmin Connect.

       I tried it for my iPad and I couldn't get anything to work. I use the Wahoo Ant+ dongle to upload my info to GC. Unless I can figure that how to get that info from either the Wahoo App or GC, I won't be able to use the RA log. I don't want to be tied to a computer everyday. I might have to stay on GC.

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        My stuff get uploaded to garminconnect and then I transfer it to here and I also use sportstracks.   I gave up writing it down in the calendar too.  I must be lazy!


        Ditto - used sportstracks for the last few years before I started using RA - Gives me a log not in the cloud like RA and GC.

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        Lordy,  I hope there are tapes. 

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          I upload to garmin connect, here and I convert my runs over to nike+ because I have friends there and I enjoy getting my points/achievements. Unfortunetly the converter is currently broken due to the update nike did to their site, should be working again though by Monday.


          AWSmithson's converter is back up and working!

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