Beginners and Beyond


Oh God, what have I done? (Read 250 times)

    Hey just a week after my first half!  I'm sure you'll do great!


      ...but which socks to wear ????


      Oh God!  The decisions!  This is horrible!

      Do you even run?

      Bad Ass

        Yay.  Good luck!



        "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

        It's always fucking hot in Miami!

          Good luck,  I am sure it will be amazing! Smile

          Being a slow runner means I get to check out YOUR butt...


          This is how I do it...

          Excelentísimo Señor

            If I had known you wanted to run a half, I would have lobbied for the Long Branch HM.


            You may be right

              You will rock it! Have fun!


              Don't believe everything you think. 


                If I had known you wanted to run a half, I would have lobbied for the Long Branch HM.


                There were so many that I could have chosen from.  I went with this one because it's the closest to me.  I'm planning on running in Philly this November, though.  Smile

                Do you even run?

                YAYpril - B-Plus

                  Yay! What a terrifying but exciting step for you! You will do great.


                  I'm running St. Luke's too - the HM your RP is doing the week after. Are you going to come cheer her on? If so, I'd love to meet you. Big grin

                    Good luck, you'll do great!


                      Good luck!


                      Skirt Runner

                        Girls can't run that far. Your uterus is goin to fall out.


                        HA!!! That is what my co-worker told me. She really believes that.


                        Kay you are going to rock this half!!!

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                          Oh hell girl, you got this!!

                            That is the same day as my first half!!! I ran my longest training run of 10 miles today!! I am getting excited about the upcoming race!! Ill be thinking of you as I train!

                            Completed my first half marathon 2:09:04!!!

                              Yay, you just changed your life forever!

                              Take Charge. Train Harder. Suck Less. No Excuses.

                                Kay, you can do this.