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The Marshall University Marathon. A wall of wind is still a wall. (Read 148 times)

    I am so excited for you LTH!!!!!!!  Big grin


    Congratulations on meeting your goal, and thanks for the entertaining RR.

      Congratulations, Brad.


      Wind, injury induced time off, race-day aches and pains -- none of them would deny you.  This has to be one of the best RR's I've read.


      Way to fight off valid excuses and achieve a huge goal, I hope you can bask in the satisfaction and accomplishment.  Months of training coming down to a fraction of a second on your pace, that final sprint in had to be an unbelievable feeling.


      Big, big respect for being so tough.

      Ms Chenandler Bong

        I am so freaking excited for you to reach this HUGE milestone!!!   I remember talking about it during our run this summer.

        Way to not only enter the Pain Cave but to set up camp and cook some S'Mores in it!!  You are an animal!!  And I'm so happy that you're family got to see you hit this goal too.  I think reaching a goal and having your family see you reach it teaches so many lessons about sacrifice and hard work.

        Great job again!!!

        Marathon and ultra marathon runner.  Sour Patch Kid addict.


          So enjoyed your RR!!!  You continue to inspire my semi-fat (because I've lost 35 and have about 15 that are hanging on...totally my fault!) and old (52, near your age) ass to work hard!!!  I read your injury thread and this race report in reverse!  It was kind of funny reading abou tthe injury that was going to totally sideline you when I knew you'd hit your goal.  The whole time I was reading it was kind of like...yeah right!!!  He doesn't know what he's talking about!!!


          Seriously, you do inspire me and although in the beginning I didn't like a lot of your advice and lots of others don't always either, I think a bit of your type of running (just run faster dammit because it doesn't always feel good!) is what I need.  I love that you understand that when you're old and slow you really don't have a range of paces!!!


          When I'm trying to hit a PR, I will think of this RR and how you were pretty miserable the whole race (marathon...not half!) and just kept going!  I'll remember that good training will pull you through and I'll be mentally stronger because I'm just learning that mental toughness is as important as the training!!!


          Congrats on your fantastic race!!!