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RR- Chevron Houston Marahon - debut - with a few pics (Read 380 times)


    Awesome job Tomas, congratulations even if you didn't get the $50,000 bonus

      Congratulations, T-rod!  Wow, you've come a long way.


      I'm pretty sure three light beers during a marathon would have completely wrecked me.  Big grin

      thats  the joys of still being 275lbs - beers dont hurt so bad Smile

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        How absolutely inspirational you are sir!!!!!!!!!!!!



        Thank you for sharing your RR and your story!

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          Thanks for sharing your story - very inspiring! May you have many more happy running times.



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          Go figure

            I had to comment after seeing your "family of runners" picture.  That's awesome!  It's so cool that you all can share the event together, regardless of your experience.  Your own journey has been truly remarkable too.  I don't know that I ever could have gotten into running had I started out without fitness from other sports, and I really admire what you've been able to do.  So many people in your position don't make the choice that you do, so kudos for choosing to make things better for yourself.


            As for the race itself, it looks like you did an awesome job.  I can imagine that it was tough mentally to venture out on your own, although I was impressed by the paces that you knocked off after you did.  The beer made me laugh, but it sounds like it was just the right thing to pull you through to the finish!


            I hope we hear lots more about your running journey in the future.  Great work!

            Trying to find some more hay to restock the barn

              I had to comment after seeing your "family of runners" picture.  That's awesome!  It's so cool that you all can share the event together, regardless of your experience. 

              we are trying to get a few more in next year's picture. My sisters and I want to do the goofy challenge at Disney next year and have my younger brother and my wife join for the half marathon on saturday.

              ”Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.”

              “Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right.”




                What a nice story and RR, Tomas!   Your story shows us how its never too late to decide change.  Congratulations for your race and all your healthy successes!  Congratulations also to your sisters.


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                  Congrats, very  inspirational.


                  Barking Mad To Run

                    Great report, Tomas, and nice photos!  Congrats to you and your family, those who ran it, and all those who supported you running it!  You have made some amazing progress!  Keep it up!

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                      Tomas, congratulations to you not just on your first marathon, but also the amazing things you have accomplished so far in your journey!  I can't wait to see your progress continue!



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                        17 miles to 26   !!!!  Amazing race, Tomas.

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                          Congratulations Tomas! Your journey is an inspirational one, and finishing your first marathon is an amazing stop on that journey! Very proud of you! That is so awesome you had your sisters racing too there and other family on the sidelines cheering you on! Great RR thanks for sharing!

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                            I finally got the opportunity to read the entire report!  That was awesome T-rod!


                            My first full is this November, and I hope someone offers me a beer around mile 20.  I don't know if I'll want it or not, but I'm betting I will.  I kept waiting for the part where you got emotional.  For some reason, I knew that there would be a point at which you'd get emotional.  I was day dreaming about completing a marathon over the summer during an 18 mile run, and just thinking about it got me kind of worked up.  I can't wait.


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                              Tomas!! What an awesome journey and I can't wait to see where it takes you!



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                                Very nicely done!  I am really impressed by the progress that you've made and the way you handled such a big challenge like this marathon.  My hat is off to you!