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Gu & you NEED to take with water? (Read 149 times)


    I will sometimes do the gu with out water.  I usually eat the chocolate outrage and find they taste like a chocolate bar.  I don't eat much chocolate so I really kind of look forward to them.  I think your going to have to try it and find out for yourself.  We are all an experiement of one.


    + 1. I love the Chocolate Outrage GU. They are like a little treat during my run.



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      Chocolate and Coffee are my preferred GU.


      I have taken them without water, but it sure helps to have a little to wash the residue down.



        I ran two marathons without gels but will try them for my next one.  The one thing I will not do though is try a gel with caffeine.  I tried that during a training run and that crap jacked me a bad way!


          Water is not mandatory for me, but helps to wash them down and to wash off the gu that you ended up wearing tearing the package open.  I use water or recently, Skratch labs mix (about the only sports mix I've found that I want to drink more of).

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            I've never taken them with water yet, not much affects my stomach - if it is true that they take up much water, then maybe I'll just take an extra cup as I go then to chug afterwards.

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              I've taken gels without water and when I take one I usually take a sip of water only.  Sometimes the next water station is more than a mile away so I just eat it and drink water when I can.



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