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When do you start looking at future races and registering for them? (Read 117 times)


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    When we race in Indy, we always eat at the Weber Grill the night's our tradition!



    I've never eaten there, but it smells delicious from the street.


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    MARATHON 3:57:33 Nov. 2013

      I'm terrible at pre-planning races.


      Other than marathons, sometimes I'll wait until just hours before a race to decide if I'm going to run.   And I have no idea which fall marathon I'm going to do yet.  Smile



        DH loves steak, I prefer chicken. It doesn't really matter to me where we go as long as there are healthy choices, we went down to Chatanooga, TN last August just for a vacation. There was this place called the Boathouse Rotisserie and the chicken there was DELICIOUS.

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          I usually wait until fairly close to race date, too.  I do mostly shorter, local races though, which don't have these escalating fees as time passes, and they don't usually close out.  I too have registered early and then had something come up down the line and had to eat the race fee.  I was supposed to do the 8K at the Shamrock Half this year, and I can't go due to a change in circumstances with people in my party (well, I could go, but I'd be running alone, driving 8 hours each way alone, staying in the hotel alone, and none of that is fun and would cost me far more than the race fee).  I wish I'd waited longer to register!

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            I registered for an October 2013 half marathon in December 2012, the day registration opened.

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              I normally register for the races I wish to run as soon as online registration opens. That is apparently not fast enough. I wanted to register for the Brooklyn Half and before I left for work Friday morning it was still not available online. By the time I finished dinner Friday evening it was sold out. Guess I will find something local instead.

                Depending on how I feel after Jerusalem, I might register for Athens 2014.

                  ---I run about 40-50 races a year, so I usually keep registered for everything about 2-3 months in advance.  --Unless I know it is a popular race that may sell out, then I register when it opens.


                  I used to be fearful about an injury occurring that would take me out of several races that I had registered for, but it has been so long that I have had any kind of significant long term injury that I have no issues with registering ahead of time months out for races.  I think I have currently paid for about 10 races that are coming up in 2013.


                  As to 2014, I already have a spreadsheet created called "races 2014" with a slot for each weekend and am picking + choosing a few favorites that I already plan to do over a year out...


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                    As to 2014, I already have a spreadsheet created called "races 2014" with a slot for each weekend and am picking + choosing a few favorites that I already plan to do over a year out...


                    Me too. One sheet is a list and a second I've formatted to look like a calendar, so I have the race dates color coded for 'registered', 'tentative', etc.


                      I shaping up my Spring 2014 schedule right now.


                      Of course that's partially because of  this Spring being a washout due to illness.

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                      FM 4:24:33 (Vdot 33.6) 11/8/14




                        I have nothing set in stone for 2014, but have a good idea of what races I want to consider for 2014. I won't finalize things for 2014 until after Philly this year as that hinges on if i plan to BQ at Philly or wait till next spring. Thinking of Shamrock, ODM, NJM, or Glass City for a BQ attempt next year with Steamtown likely in Fall'14. Next spring my last chance to BQ in 40-44AG with 3:15 and in fall would only need a 3;25.

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                          The 2013 racing schedule was practically finalized by December 2012 and I've already started tentatively planning for 2014 already. If it's going to be a GOAL RACE, then I book for it Day #1 that registration opens.

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                            There are few Annual races I will do year after year.  The local trail half marathon is an exception.  I enjoy the group I train with for this each year.  Even then I wait till just before the discount deadline.


                            I do two training groups a year, Spring and Summer.  I sign up for the goal races for those but it is really more about the weeks of training together than the race itself.