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Bad Ass

    Hello?  It's 42!Roll eyes


    Scotty, the answer is 6, at least for today.  It certainly wasn't at recovery pace tho, but the effort was easy, I guess that's the important part.  But now after what I ate for lunch, I want to go run a double lol



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    It's always fucking hot in Miami!

      Hello?  It's 42!Roll eyes



      Good point, the answer is always 42. Cool


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      Will run for beer.

        Scottydog - sorry about your loss.  That is an awesome, awesome, memory.


        Histoplasmosis?  Who has histoplasmosis?!  Nasty nasty bug/disease...


        AFM - 8 miles on the dreadmill.  Easy pace.   It is the pace I should have ran last Saturday.  -12 deg after windchill factored in according to the National Weather Service.  That doesn't hold much interest for me.

          Scotty- Thank you for sharing that memory with us.

          Bin Running

            Rach, glad that you are settling down at the igloo.. Brutual weather you have there..

            Awood, Enjoy the XT... 3 races till end of the year looks ok.. you can do it!

            Gutsav, Enjoy the RD..

            Amanda, Good start..

            Damaris, Enjoy the dinner with fellow forumite.. Don't talk too much abt running..ha

            Traci, Take care and dun catch a cold..

            Jen16226, Looks like you have a great running weekend...No idea abt running in cold.. Hope you get some answers from others..

            Jen2011, Way to put in some early miles...

            Dave, envy you have some softer ground to run on... It helps prevent some injuries.

            Liz, Hope you get your internet fixs.. We need a doc in da house...

            Mitch, 5 x 1200 is very tough... I would imagine it will takes a few tries to get it under control.. Bird fungus?! How did that happen? LOL @ Awood comment...

            Vance, Indulgence once in a while is ok.. esp if someone is paying for it.. hee

            Scotty, Enjoy the sunshine... Loved what your mum shared with you and that meeting with Dr King..

            Mel, So it's the shoes... Now, get back to training! ** cracking whip in the air **

            Jerry, Did you dazzle those holiday walkers by overtaking them?

            Lauren, Looks like a bz weeks w.o DH.. you will get by..

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            Hey Doc

            Feets don't fail me now

              Scotty, thank you so much for writing that.   it squeezed my heart.


              I miss you guys!  Comcast better get me all fixed up on wed...

                Scotty - great story.  Thank you for sharing.


                Rach - in the summer, I would envy you living in Alaska, but not now.  It's not just the cold, but the grey skies.  I follow a writer's blog from Haines (Heather Lende) and while I really love the photos and stories about life in Alaska, having winter start in September and end in June would get old for me, I think.  I need sunshine.


                Not that we got much sun today.  Today was not a running day, and given the grey gloom I was just as happy not to be spending much time outdoors.  I got numb white fingers just walking from the car to the store.  It took 45 minutes to get feeling back in my fingers, and I was wearing gloves!


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                  "Jerry, Did you dazzle those holiday walkers by overtaking them?"


                  No Bin, we humiliate them !!!

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                    Vance, I have it. Two different spots were found on CT's during my colon cancer ordeal.


                    Bin, not real sure how. It's a fungus that grows in soil and becomes airborne. Doc said i prolly breathed it in while running. But there are a bazillion pigeons at work, that may be where I picked it up.

                      Hog4life - Where do you live?  When I grew up in Arizona, there was a common fungus in the soil known as "Valley Fever".  A friend of my mother's lost half a lung to it.  I was told that most people who lived there long enough would get it, but most never knew it as the only symptom was feeling a bit tired and run down.  Glad they caught yours.

                      Dad on the run.

                        Mitch - Glad to hear that its treatable and nothing major.


                        No run for me today, my legs are still a little tender from the 10 milers yesterday evening. Probably going to get up tomorrow though and head out for 5 or 6.

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                          Ginny, I live in north Alabama


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                            Scotty, thank you so much for writing that.   it squeezed my heart.


                            I miss you guys!  Comcast better get me all fixed up on wed...


                            Well, you just let me know anytime if you want anything else squeezed.  Wink


                            I'm sorry...I just cannot stay serious for too long... Joking

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