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Savage Seven Marathons in Winter Springs, FL (Read 47 times)


    Has anyone here done this event before?


    Thoughts, comments?

    Bad Ass

      A friend of mine is planning on doing it. The only issue I saw is that the loops can get boring after day 1. Pros: even if you don't finish all 7, you get a medal for each completed day.



      "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

      It's always fucking hot in Miami!


        This is the third year of the event.  The first year, it was just a few 50 staters on a track for 7 days.  It is called "Savage" because that is the instigator's last name.  The second year, all the sudden it became a big freakin deal... on the same track.


        While pretty much everyone seemed to have a grand time, there was some weird drama between a few people.  I won't go into it.


        This year's version is managed by a different person.  Instead of laps around a track, it is laps around a parking lot.  For seven days.


        Not my thing, especially the dumbass drama parts.  Although "...around a parking lot" makes me bleh, I guess it depends on the lot.  If it is a big mall lot or something, maybe that's not as bad.  Dunno.  The lady managing it is very nice.


        BTW, kind of a weird thing to post in "Beginners and Beyond".  You might get more hits in one of the marathon groups.