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    That's great!


    Run Like a Mother

      Yay! If and when you do run together, PLEASE remember that men most often run faster than women. And you have been at it a lot longer than her. PLEASE let her set the pace and don't make little comments about it being slower than you normally run. My husband and I rarely run together because we don't run the same pace. He runs faster than I do, but I can run 4x as far. He isn't a regular runner, but one of those types of guys who can go out and run a 10k without having run in 6 months. Once at the end of a 4 mile run together, he was making some comment about it hurting b/c it was slower than his pace. It made me mad b/c I run regularly and it just felt like a put down. Really he was hurting b/c he was out of shape. I popped in my ear buds and left him in the dust. I kicked it into my top gear for the last 3/4 of a mile. He hasn't complained nearly as much when we run together. But do be aware that she is a different runner, and at a different place when you run together. If she is anything like me, she will be self conscious about running with you and could easily become discouraged.

        Just a want to say +1 to Chloey.  My husband and I both run, at the same time, and we usually finish within 10-15 minutes of each other, but never side by side.  Our paces are just too different, and always have been.