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Run to live; live to run

    Way to o Beth!


      6.3 easy.


      My 10 year old biked along because she wanted to do a "triathlon" today. Swim practice at 8:00, soccer at 1:00, bike 10K at 2:45. She's got good energy.





      Wickedly Average

        Happy Saturday, Daily Runners!


        4 miles on the treadmill today (raining pretty steady all day), along with 4 miles outside yesterday.


        Heading to Columbia, SC tomorrow for a conference next week. Hopefully, I'll get a few runs in while I'm there.

        Tom (formerly known as PhotogTom)

        5K - 25:16, 10K - 55:31,  15K - 1:20:55,   HM - 1:54:54

        delicate flower

          20 mile bike ride with the wife, headwind the entire damn time, and my legs are a lot more tired right now than they should be after a 20 mile ride.  I have a NY strip steak for dinner though so I WIN!


            Managed to squeeze in a 10 mile treadmill session @ 8:44 pace while the family was chillin' in the room before going out for the evening. TV had the Bulls-Nets game with about 1:30 left when I started. The game ended up lasting nearly the entire time (I only had 5 min left), after 3 OT.


            Just logged it & realized it puts me at 162 miles for April, PB monthly miles.


            Hip Redux

              Trip to Boston was great.  We walked about 6 miles, and after my 15 mile bike ride which was uphill the entire time (or at least felt like it), my legs are TOAST.


              The marathon memorial was... emotional.  One of the pictures I snapped of alllll the running shoes up:



              If anyone is in the Cambridge area and like Middle Eastern or Indian cuisine, you MUST try The Helmand:



                I was inspired by Phil and did get a bike ride in today.  First time I've gone more than around the block since I was over 200 lbs.  It turns out it's much easier these days!  Did one of my LR routes, about 10.5 miles.  I'd rather be running, though!

                Bad Ass

                  I did weights tonight.  I'm sore.



                  "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                  It's always fucking hot in Miami!

                    Hi Dailies:


                    April - That carbo load is a great excuse, I'm going to start using it Smile


                    FLA - I also wore shorts today, loved it.


                    D - will read your RR in a bit


                    SIAR - good luck, own it!


                    Baboon - YES.  So glad you are back, even if it was a tiny jog.


                    Bruce - good luck as well


                    Oski - mm, pancakes


                    Earthtokarmen - hi, hope your 5 wasn't too hung over


                    Zelanie - hope the knee holds up


                    Rick - great job, that's still a smokin' time finishing on an uphill


                    Step - nice distance, enjoy that steak


                    Marjorie - sleeping in until 6, yikes


                    Jack - "there is no hill"


                    Kristin - nice 5 +


                    D^2 - congrats, speedy


                    Robert - congrats also, great race


                    Ric-G - group run, cool.  I drive past a big group run most Saturdays while going in to work, is it wrong to call them the "nerd herd" in my mind? Tongue


                    Beth - great job, looks like those ladies skied down the hill, haha.


                    Fuzzy - busy day for her


                    Tom - have fun at the conference


                    DaveP - congrats on the monthly mileage PR


                    10.4, the first day that can really be called "warm" since I moved up on this hill just after Christmas.  7:28 pace felt pretty good.  Broke out the lawnmower, there's a lot more to cut than I had imagined.

                    Bad Ass

                      Wow, Shirfan.  Lots of shoutouts, well done.  Nice run!



                      "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                      It's always fucking hot in Miami!