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THURSDAILIES (or, Happy Friday Eve!) (Read 64 times)

Hip Redux

    Kettlebell class done.


    Three rounds of:


    Followed by three rounds of:

    Shoulder presses/Mountain climbers


    Following by three rounds of:

    One-armed rows/Side planks


    My legs were fine but my shoulders are TOAST!



    Happy to be here.

      Alright just picked up my race packet.  I'm definitely hoping that this chest congestion goes away in the next 48 hours.  If not, I'll be the guy that only showed up for the medal and a t-shirt.



      Half PR:  1:34 (August, 2012)


      Marathon PR:  3:45 (October, 2012)


      Next race:  ???


      Next Marathon:  2015???


        Hello all,


        No run today as it was a SRD.  Much to my dismay I saw flurries flying in the air, no accumulation, however winter will not surrender.  I hope everyone had a small piece of pie today to celebrate Pi day (3.14).



        Ron's PRs 5K 24:14 (12/07/2013); Half Marathon 1:53:33 (5/26/2013)

          5.1 easy miles done, is it Sunday yet, I wanna race!!!!  Expo starts tomorrow, woohoo! Smile


          My running blog

          Goals | sub-18 5k | sub-3 marathon 2:56:46!!

            Robert - That's so exciting!


            Matt - I'm hope things clear up for you.


            D2 - Good luck this weekend. But you don't need it.


            I ran 4 @ 8:26 w/ 2 strides. Just 2 more days until my first race in almost 3 years.

              4.6 recovery pace for me.






                I ran 4 @ 8:26 w/ 2 strides. Just 2 more days until my first race in almost 3 years.

                Wow, go nail that bad boy!  Good luck to you and all the other racers this weekend, I will be joining the fray soon enough!


                I am usually knocked the hell out by now but I am just getting in after being on the road all day.  I wish there was a such thing as an unwinding coffee, because I sure as hell would drink it!

                  Hi Dailies:


                  Kay - hope your weekend is better


                  Sparker and FLA - great days to you as well


                  Rick - nice streak of braving the weather


                  Bruce - good job  on the double


                  Scotty - stalked by a vulture.. scary


                  Baboon - I'm sure that will be awesome when you can bike and run again


                  AmiK - aw, there's not much worse than a wet foot on a cold day.  yuck.


                  Kristin - feel better


                  DaveP - sorry that you were subjected to Bunco.  It is horrible.


                  Basya - nice workout


                  Marjorie - hope the rest helped


                  Mtn - holy cow, good luck.


                  Step - enjoy the safe TM


                  Oski - I'm tired just reading about that


                  OOTB - glad your plants are ready for spring


                  Ric-G - nice pace


                  Fuzzy - speaking of nice pace, awesome splits last night.


                  FreeSoul - good luck at the Run of Luck


                  B+ - good luck as well


                  DCDan - I like that you're posting on the dailies while  on break from a conference.


                  April - nice job "running" the errand


                  D^2 - almost race day!


                  Robert - excellent.  May your training for the HM go well.


                  Luke - throwing a snowball at you, shirtless guy.


                  Matt - hope you get better


                  Rondog - If it will not surrender, we will await its total annihilation.


                  10.4 miles with 20 minutes near HM pace, 6:55 overall.  Just before going out, I spotted some visitors in the back yard and DW took a picture.  The close one is missing the bottom of its right front leg but seemed to get around ok.



                    LRB - Thanks. Why don't you clean off a bottle (or box lol) of wine to unwind.


                    Shirfan - Nice run and what a treat to have those visitors in your backyard. Would your wife let you build a running track around the perimeter of the property?

                      Would your wife let you build a running track around the perimeter of the property?


                      Haha, she actually suggested it so that I don't get killed by a plow. I think the time spent clearing it of snow would be prohibitive, though.

                      Bad Ass

                        Mattchiro, good luck this weekend!


                        I got back to the hotel early enough, but my feet are hurting today so 4th day without running.  I'm quite enjoying it, actually.


                        Hope everybody had a great evening.



                        "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                        It's always fucking hot in Miami!