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TUESDAILIES - bust out your Jazz Hands! (Read 227 times)


    Beth: I freaking LOOOOOVE that last pic!  Thanks for sharing!


    Misty: I'm proud of you!  You first real marathon training run in the books!!!


    7.4 miles done at 8:54 pace; I felt tired/worn down and had a couple of really slow splits in there. Because of this, I decided I need to practice relaxing more, so I'm hardly going to run this week v. running lite (i.e., the 4 days I was planning on running). I haven't taken any real time off since March besides 1 light week after my race. I'm overdue. I'm going to eat a ton of crappy food, gain a bunch of weight, be lazy and hopefully have a better week next week. I might not/probably won't run the rest of the week.  I think it will be good for me mentally and physically to have a good break before I start piling on the miles again.

      Hi dailies:


      Bob. is he anything like Bob! ?  (lots of inappropriate punctuation is going on)


      Heidi - Haha, I totally miscalculated the schedule last time around, and had to repeat an early week when I caught it.  The weeks ending on Sunday make it tricky.   Enjoy the time off.


      Pink - that sounds funny and aggravating at the same time


      Lily - hope the knee feels better


      tjaffer - glad you got to enjoy the weather, it was warm this morning but turned to cooler rain as the day went on


      Beth - great pic


      Baboon - but is there 300' of downhill elsewhere?


      Amy - great job on the 1K repeats, those are tough


      Misty - they have chickens in Hades?  Their wings must taste sacrilicious.


      Lots of frustration for me today.  I was informed that the house's well failed a water quality test and has to be chlorinated and retested before I can close, so I'm still in limbo.


      Channeled all the emotion into speed, doing 10.9 with 8x(2:00 at 5K pace), and basically everything else at tempo.  6:19 pace overall, and I felt unstoppable in the cool rain.


      Wickedly Average

        RMT3B - I think it's great that you're taking a little rest for the week. You can burn out if you push all the time. A break allows the body to rejuvinate a bit, and it lets the mind rejuvinate as well. You've covered a great deal of territory over the last 8 or 9 months, and have made extraordinary progress. You're a naturally great runner with innate talent.


        Rest a few days, then re-harness that talent.

        Tom (formerly known as PhotogTom)

        5K - 25:16, 10K - 55:31,  15K - 1:20:55,   HM - 1:54:54

          7.7 easy miles tonight. Felt really good. Probably because it was the first run in new shoes. I don't ever remember having a bad run the first time out in new shoes.





            Nevrgivup- I hope everything come out well with the MRI!


            Lily- Now that you've said orphan, my mind went to little orphan Annie which led me to the musical Annie which led to the song "Tomorrow" being stuck in my head for the next several hours.  Yikes!


            Ima- Congratulations on day 1 of marathon training.  I hope it goes well for you!


            8 miles for me today with 4 at tempo pace.  I got new running shoes last night finally and, wow, I can really tell the difference.  My ankle thanks me. 


              Jay: Not another freaking hang up with the house - soooooo darn frustrating.  I'm sorry, but ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME ON THAT RUN???????   6:19 for 11 miles??????  Oh, you are just going to bring it in Boston....


              Tom: Thanks for the kind words.  I was going to just 1/2 my mileage or so, but I really do feel like a bigger break is necessary and I want to take it while I can. 


              Fuzzy: That's true about the new shoes thing.  It's funny how that works!


              Work In Progress: Nice speed work tonight!  New shoes are the BEST! 


                Thanks workinprogress Smile



                Bless your heart.

                Just B.S.

                  Beth- those pics are fantastic!!


                  Today was my first day back running after the HM from Hades, and coincidently run #1 of marathon training. 8 miles w/ 10x20sec strides. It felt okay, though I had to stop and stretch out my calves a few times.

                   #1 of training for marathon #1??


                  Awesome running milestone!

                    Just B.S. - Great pics!


                    RMTB - Enjoy being lazy and getting fat Joking


                    Shirfan - You're so sick. I actually thought you already closed weeks ago.


                    11.5 @ 7.58 for me. Legs were flying today, with several splits in the 7:40s.

                      Hey everyone!


                      6.1  on the TM tonight, had hoped to hit the park but never happened.