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Why Is This Piece Of Running Gear Not On The Market (Read 133 times)



    I wear reflective gear, but what I really wish I had was a horn so that I can honk at cars and give them a piece of my mind.


    Or a gender specific full body naked suit, so it appears you are running in the buff.  Traffic would part like the Red sea!

    If you know you can do better, then do better.

    No more marathons

      Road runners are so fussy.  All I need on my TM is a pair of undies and a good bra. Oh... and some shoes too.


      There's a saying in the L&O  - pictures or it didn't happen. 


      mta: the shoes, of course.

      Boston 2014 - a 33 year journey

        It's on the market.  Wink


        never run in snow again!