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whew that was close (Read 513 times)


    Personally, I think most people are assholes. 


    just sayin.

     I agree. I prefer dogs. Seriously.


    Edit: I don't actually think most people are assholes, but I'm sure that most dogs are NOT assholes.


      Did anyone see the video of the snowboarding, pot smoking dog?


        Speaking of the legalization of marijuana, here is one of the stupider and more dishonest people in our government testifying before congress and being questioned about marijuana. Obviously she should be held in contempt of congress for not answering simple and direct questions posed to her.



        dog person

          Was it today or tomorrow that The Pot is officially legal here?


          I just can't wait.


          I'm a skiier.  I bristle at your callous stereotype.  You must mean Seattle urban cyclists.

           For some reason I thought it was supposed to be the 6th, at least that's the day I had circled on my calender. The papers are saying its tomorrow 12/4 .


          Christ, don't even get me started on Seattle cyclists.





            It's legal (or will be) but the production and distribution of non medical marijuana is still not legal because it will take up to a year to put guidelines and regulations into effect.


            The seattle police department issued a paper saying that even before the legalization date, arrest and prosecution for possession of less than 1 oz will not be enforced anyway due to already existing directives making marijuana law enforcement an extremely low priority.

            Meat Wagon


              Yup worse than cyclists even



              Let's not start with the crazy talk.


              Crossfitters haven't been around nearly long enough to dethrone cyclists. Don't get me wrong, the potential is there, but it's too new to overcome 100 years of entrenched cycling douchery.

              Feel sick and dirty, more dead than alive.


              never runs the tangents

                good lord what happened here


                I got busy at work and missed all this. Are the kids really insecure to the point where this got their knickers all in a twist? cause really that's a bit pathetic


                the biggest assholes are martial artists

                and yes I'm a blackbelt so I have a wealth of experience on this

                feel better now?

                “Do what I do. Hold tight and pretend it’s a plan!” Doctor Who


                  the cross fit folks have just been beat down so much is all.


                    Personally, I think most people are assholes. 


                    just sayin.

                     This for sure. I technically work customer service so I can say this, kinda. Most of them are asshole enough just to laugh at though, cause really- you are going to throw a fit because you didn't know you needed oil in your car- good for you buddy.