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Report with Photos: SARR Fiesta Fandango Fun Run (Read 44 times)


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    INTRO:  I am Scott aka Scottydog, runner since 1983, cancer survivor, retired Air Force, friend of dogs, fun-runner, and all-around goofball.  In 2003 I had spinal arthritis flare up and ever since then I’ve done the run/walk method since it hurts my back too much now to run continuously with no walk breaks.  I’m on what I call my “2F Plan” which stands for Fun and Finish.  At events that I now do for fun I carry my camera, chase “Great Legs” to help motivate my slow old man self to keep moving forward, and take pictures before, during, and after the race. Sometimes I even get a nice post-race sweaty hug from one of the Great Legs ladies.   I then do a pictorial race report of my events.  I also carry dog biscuits with me to treat any dogs I may meet at a run, hence my nickname “Scottydog.” Here is yet another of my Race Reports With Photos, and my thanks to all the people I interacted with for their graciousness and good humor in letting me take photos of them.




    My 27th event of 2013.   The San Antonio RoadRunners Fiesta Fandango Fun Run is a 2.6 mile run done along the parade route of the Fiesta Flambeau, the largest night-time parade in the US. Lots of folks do this one in costume and there is a costume contest  pre-run.  Shuttle buses take participants from the Sunken Gardens at San Antonio Zoo to the start area.  We wait in the start area for a while and then are off and running or walking at 6:40 PM.  Because of the parade, there are THOUSANDS of spectators along the route, cheering all of us along, kids and folks high-fiving us as we pass, kids squirting us with water guns - which was VERY appreciated this year, it was 85 degrees and VERY humid since thunderstorms were threatening.  At one point along the course, me and another participant had stopped to take some photos and they guy said "Humid out here!"  A spectator right behind us was checking the weather on his phone, I guess, and called out to us "95% humidity!"  The participant guy and I both laughed and the guy jokingly told the spectator "You're not helping our mental state!"   I took this one pretty easy, just had a lot of fun, and finished the 2.6 miles in 29-something, at a very mild 11-minute-something per mile.




    I will keep the dialog short because I did not realize until I got home just how many photos I had taken for this one -  over 100!   So just sit back and enjoy the pictorial show!


    Sunken Garden Area at the Zoo


    Human Pinatas.  I think the best person to be in the group is the one with the stick.   Wink

     photo wildflower001_zps2e328b7f.jpg


     photo wildflower002_zps3c08ff0c.jpg


     photo wildflower003_zpsec727092.jpg


     photo wildflower004_zps2cca290b.jpg


     photo wildflower005_zpsfec60c6b.jpg


     photo wildflower006_zpse15df54d.jpg


    Thor, if you didn't guess

     photo wildflower007_zps3f3327cc.jpg


     photo wildflower008_zpseb14e48d.jpg


     photo wildflower009_zps65f0eb01.jpg


     photo wildflower010_zpse3523019.jpg


    Manu Ginobili of San Antonio Spurs NBA basketball team

     photo wildflower011_zps01f16483.jpg


    This guy believed in detail.  He even put the bald spot on the back of the head, lol.

     photo wildflower047_zps6fd0ae0a.jpg


    The green tech shirts these ladies are wearing are the race shirts participants got

     photo wildflower012_zps3388bd42.jpg


     photo wildflower013_zps4c08dc76.jpg


     photo wildflower014_zps1b15b703.jpg


     photo wildflower015_zps6dae2e50.jpg


     photo wildflower016_zpsb05ff1e6.jpg


     photo wildflower017_zps10d81b86.jpg


     photo wildflower018_zps7544dc8b.jpg


     photo wildflower019_zps5d3b6fa0.jpg


     photo wildflower020_zpsa8f8889d.jpg


     photo wildflower021_zpsf1baa879.jpg



    Parade Floats and Folks Along The Way To The Start Area

     photo wildflower022_zps580059c5.jpg


     photo wildflower023_zps3c264e14.jpg


     photo wildflower024_zps7ea6fda9.jpg


     photo wildflower025_zps4ef2b4b2.jpg


     photo wildflower026_zps54ddef85.jpg


     photo wildflower027_zps52ca41e2.jpg



    It was raining on us a bit at this point, so the ladies here are protecting their gowns

     photo wildflower028_zpsd8760e8d.jpg



     photo wildflower029_zps974b4369.jpg


     photo wildflower030_zps7163844c.jpg


     photo wildflower031_zpsdcfbbd38.jpg


     photo wildflower032_zpsbe345510.jpg


     photo wildflower033_zpsef710e01.jpg


    Shiner's Elephant.  It could even lift its leg and nod its head.  The Shiner guy said this elephant was very easy to train.  lol.

     photo wildflower034_zpsfa49efb4.jpg


     photo wildflower035_zpsd0350433.jpg


     photo wildflower036_zps51f447ac.jpg


     photo wildflower037_zps6234a026.jpg



     photo wildflower038_zps45dcc4bb.jpg


    Me and one of the Fiesta Queens.  For this event, you'll notice, participants wore 2 for the Fiesta..and the black bib in memory and support of Boston.


     photo wildflower039_zpsce2acca7.jpg


    The main line of floats waiting for the parade to start.  They went quite a ways back.


     photo wildflower040_zpsea60444b.jpg



    In The Start Area


     photo wildflower041_zps90442bf0.jpg


     photo wildflower042_zpsaf937c3c.jpg


     photo wildflower043_zps83573303.jpg


     photo wildflower044_zps243ef1c4.jpg


     photo wildflower045_zps17073091.jpg


     photo wildflower046_zps59c4f948.jpg


    These Marines ran carrying the flags and wearing their gas masks for the whole route.  I was near them for a while...the crowd cheered them like crazy!


     photo wildflower049_zps84d16be4.jpg


     photo wildflower059_zpse1eef543.jpg


    Snacks while you wait...funnel cakes and turkey legs...


     photo wildflower050_zps70bea8da.jpg


     photo wildflower051_zpsbdbfdbd1.jpg


     photo wildflower052_zps1523f629.jpg


     photo wildflower053_zpsa963a2f1.jpg


     photo wildflower054_zpsad95fd65.jpg


     photo wildflower055_zps2e460c14.jpg


     photo wildflower056_zpsd9ae70c3.jpg


     photo wildflower057_zpsbf2661a0.jpg


     photo wildflower058_zpsa2423e72.jpg


     photo wildflower060_zpsdc6f6cf4.jpg


    Race Director Scott and his daughter

     photo wildflower061_zps2544774a.jpg


    Getting ready to go.......


     photo wildflower062_zps05e48115.jpg


     photo wildflower063_zps8c4fde6d.jpg



    And AWAY WE GO!  On The Course!


     photo wildflower064_zpscc4de6df.jpg


     photo wildflower065_zpsf4bacef7.jpg

     photo wildflower066_zpsaf2d2326.jpg


     photo wildflower068_zps380c507b.jpg


     photo wildflower069_zps2c104f98.jpg


     photo wildflower070_zpsfc10b939.jpg


     photo wildflower071_zps0914f157.jpg


     photo wildflower072_zps7a7510bc.jpg



    On Alamo Street now, in front of The Alamo

     photo wildflower073_zps9b4fa4ca.jpg


     photo wildflower074_zps33462227.jpg


    Going down Commerce Street in Downtown San Antonio.  Apologies for the blurry 'crowd' photos, my arm kept getting was crowded!  But  also fun!

     photo wildflower075_zps743950ff.jpg


     photo wildflower076_zpsa44cd902.jpg


     photo wildflower077_zps0e019bdb.jpg


     photo wildflower078_zpsa83207f0.jpg


     photo wildflower079_zps530cb638.jpg


     photo wildflower080_zps831d029c.jpg


     photo wildflower081_zpsadb584c8.jpg



     photo wildflower082_zps56dfae84.jpg


     photo wildflower084_zpsa831bf5f.jpg


     photo wildflower087_zpsf3b46b1f.jpg


    Right after the finish line


     photo wildflower088_zps633e2b20.jpg


     photo wildflower089_zps5d23128e.jpg


    Post Race Party at Columbus Park - that ice cold Tecate Light beer post-run tasted great! Big grin

     photo wildflower090_zps16b23a77.jpg


     photo wildflower091_zps05da6239.jpg


     photo wildflower092_zps7a319595.jpg


     photo wildflower093_zps4c44e788.jpg


     photo wildflower094_zpsf969f796.jpg


     photo wildflower095_zps7c63e660.jpg


     photo wildflower096_zps08dc2630.jpg

     photo wildflower097_zps2aa49ecd.jpg


     photo wildflower098_zpsdb62a81a.jpg


    Two lovely ladies - - a couple of  my  'running crushes"  Wink


     photo wildflower099_zpsfa07512d.jpg


    Me and Ceci.  Her family owns and operates IAAP (, a great local running event company

     photo wildflower100_zpsc79b33e8.jpg



     photo wildflower101_zpsb52f282f.jpg


    This Marine and Marine Pup made it the whole way.

     photo wildflower103_zpscb66c36e.jpg


     photo wildflower104_zps7e3fa62a.jpg


    Chase that beer!

     photo wildflower105_zps7345e812.jpg


     photo wildflower106_zps5a36d54f.jpg


    Yummy....armadillo on a stick!

     photo wildflower107_zpseadb35f1.jpg


     photo wildflower108_zps5c0c12d2.jpg


     photo wildflower109_zps452744c5.jpg


    The Human Pinata folks won a costume award

     photo wildflower110_zpsd83cbe15.jpg





    As usual with this event....HAD A BLAST!  If you are ever in San Antonio the last weekend of Fiesta in April, definitely do this run!  You will thoroughly enjoy yourself....even if it is hot.  Big grin

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      San Antonio must be the funnest place on earth!  Or your reports make it seem.  What a fun party atmosphere surrounding this race and parade.  Only thing would have made it better would have been had YOU dressed up also!  Love the idea of the extra bib honoring those in Boston.


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        Congrats on #27, that's a lot of races.


          Thanks for sharing the RR and all the pictures.  The marine puppy looks like I imagine my dog would have looked as a puppy.  I love how much fun you have and how much enjoyment you get out of races.  Great job!

            I am in amazement that people ran a race in some of those get ups!   Nice photomontage, Scottydog!

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              No one should get lost running on the parade route.  Congrats Scotty !!!


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              Go figure

                2.6?  Interesting!  Glad you had a blast, but we don't expect anything different from you.  You're just a racing machine, and I'm always so impressed.

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                  People in your races really get creative with the costumes.  It looks like a blast.  Glad you had such a good day - two runs in one day - both a lot of fun.


                  I race in SparkleSkirts

                    I think this is my favorite RR... I want to run this race! What fun!!!!! The costumes are so cool!!!!

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                      Best pictures ever, Scotty! What a great event! Congratulations on yet another race!

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                        Congratulations on yet another great RR and great race!  You seem to know the funnest people!

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                          scotty that looks awesome.


                          I need to do that race sometime

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                          delicate flower

                            Sombrero enchiladas, Scotty!!  That looks like a blast!   Look at all those spectators!  The Manu Ginobili custome cracks me up.


                            Bad Ass

                              Great report, Scotty!

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                                Scotty, what a fun race.  There were some very good themes and costumes there.  Thanks for sharing!

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