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Need race HM or longer 7/20 to 8/4 - suggestions? (Read 70 times)

    I'll be running the NYRR myself that day, won't be doing the 20 just 12. It's a first training run for the NYCM, it's not a timed event but they will have volunteers \ water stops. You have the option of doing running between 6- 20 miles.

    Muddling through

      I think I've found one to suit me: Endless Summer 6-Hour Run in Annapolis, MD. It's on a paved 4-mile loop in Quiet Waters Park and only about a 2.5 hour drive.


      Thanks for all the suggestions. As we Cubs fans say, there's always next year. Big grin

      2014 Goals: Run first trail ultra, first 100K, and see what I can do in a 24-Hour race