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It's Friday Penguins - Time To Break Out Your Red Solo Cups! (Read 32 times)


Fear is a Liar

    The "Penguin" daily threads were originally conceived to emphasize that all members of the community have a place on the boards. Encouragement, motivation, a little love nip (you will love one, give it a try!) or even a little kick in the pants when needed -- it can happen here. Basically, we celebrate just getting out there and moving our tails!What is "slow"? "Slow" is a perception but one of the common benchmarks is the 10:00/mi pace; but there's no firm line. In fact, there are many of us that have slipped past this, and just hope that no one notices and revokes their "igloo privileges." WinkIt can be confusing for the forum newbies, but we're not one of the teams in any of the fine games. It's a totally open group, so stop lurking, post an introduction of yourself dive in and join the fun! No application necessary! There might even be a lovely picture for Scotty (we love pics!)

    I'm so vegetarian I don't even eat animal crackers!


    Fear is a Liar

      Good Morning Penguins!


      Break out those Red Solo cups this weekend and fill them with rehydrating recovery drinks!


      Yesterday I ran 3 miles in my new shoes. I felt fast but that might just have been because I was trying to avoid traffic in the place I was running.



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      I'm so vegetarian I don't even eat animal crackers!

      Dad on the run.

        Gustav - Is beer a recovery drink?


        AFM - After my run Wed. I come to realize your body deffinitely tells you when you haven't ran in a while. My legs were so sore yesterday I moaned every time I realized I had to go back upstairs for something, lol. Oh well, it was a good feeling I've really missed getting out there.

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          Good morning Gustav and Jimmy.


          I'll run an easy 3-5 this afternoon. Then rest until Sunday's race.

            Good morning everyone!!


            Gustav, glad you like the new shoes, I'm debating whether or not to pick up a new pair before my half.


            Jimmy, absolutely, beer is a great recovery drink, lots of carbs! Smile lol


            Mitch, have a great run and good luck at your race on Sun!



            AFM, 8 outstanding miles done this morning!  I don't know if it was cause I was feeling good from finding out that I'm not injured, or if I was fueled by all the Valentine's candy I ate yesterday (maybe both!), but it was a really great run, fast too.  It's supposed to be 60* and sunny this afternoon, so I might make it a double. Smile


            Hope everyone has a great day, TGIF!!!!!


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              Hey guys!  I ran 8 miles last night, and then cooked a steak dinner with P3.  Finally, we watched Spirit of the Marathon.  I thought that movie was amazing, and inspiring.  I can't wait for the second one.  Oh, and 3 days in a row I've weighed under 230 in the morning.  Woohoo!


              Gustav - I have on more than one occasion had beer as a recovery drink. I like it.


              jblack - That's just running's way of letting you know that if you ever leave running again, running will cut you in your sleep.


              Mitch - I'm ready for your race.  What is everybody else waiting for?  Let's do this!


              Dave - I think that we're all just glad you aren't clompin' along in a cast right now.  Stay safe out there.


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              Dad on the run.

                Awood - That's funny. Apparently however, it does not affect the dogs as much as us humans. Carter (the puppy) comes in the house after our 4 miler and starts doing laps in the house, bouncing off the walls then looks at me as if to say "lets do 3 more!"

                My parents said I could be anything when I grew up, so I decided to be Awesome!


                  Oh hooray for Friday!


                  Awood -- did you win the cutest couple contest??


                  SRD for me.  We are headed for the mountains.  My mom called last night to let me know that she and Dad are meeting us there.  That kind of throws a monkey wrench in my plans for the weekend, but family is always welcome.  I will just need to juggle my planned runs some, and probably won't get a LR done this week.


                  Off to get some work done.  The sooner I finish, the sooner it's the weekend. Smile


                  Skirt Runner



                    Awood I watched that movie recently. Loved it.

                    Lots of good running going on today Smile


                    SRD for me. Went to yoga last night instead of this afternoon because I leave to go down to my boyfriend's after work for the weekend. I did just do some foam rolling and a short version of my hip routine though.


                    Happy Friday!

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                      Mitch, go get that goal. You'll do well in the race.


                      Dave, so happy that your legs is ok.


                      AFM, didn't get a run in yday. Might also missed it today. Today is a raining day again.


                      Scotty, I am at Asia pacific region and if it rains, it's usually heavy. I will run thru rain, except those with lightning, if I am already out. But will not step out if its already started. Maybe I'm just a little weird. Hee

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                        Forgot to say Good Luck Mitch -- I'll be tracking (or is it stalking???) your progress via text message.


                        Skirt Runner

                          Good luck mitch!!!

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                          I started a blog about running :) Check it out if you care to


                          Fear is a Liar

                            Mitch  - good luck ! Are you running solo or with a pace group?

                            I'm so vegetarian I don't even eat animal crackers!

                              Hey friends.


                              I hadn't poked my head in here lately. Running has been good. Last weekend I got two 9 milers in. This week I have had an 8, 3, 4, 6. Not sure what I will get in this weekend. I am in the drs office with a sore throat. Ugh.


                              DW has decided that I can do MCM in late October if she can do it also. So we made a plan to slowly build up and get her to finish. The build up is pretty fast, but not as fast as mine was to my marathon. She looked cute this am with my head lamp and blinky red light Smile

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                                Morning!  I have a recovery run tonight.  Very excited about Sunday with the only Winter day in Miami on marathon day, woot!


                                Mitch, good luck this weekend!


                                BinRunning, that's the same type of rain we have here in Miami.  I also would continue running if I'm already out (unless there is lightning and there is always lightning) but would not start if it's raining.


                                Gustav, Awood, jblack, D2, Phillie, kristin, Tomas, have a great day.



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                                It's always fucking hot in Miami!