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    For Dave:




    Nice! Well done there NBT!!! Nice guns! **nods in approval**


      If you want to focus on upper body, two days/week would be fine but I wouldn't recommend back to back days. If you stay focused on your regimen, a lifting session can be effective even with only 30 minutes. Lift to "failure" and you'll get results. If you want more detail, feel free to PM me. Smile


      Thanks, Dave! Expect a PM from me today. I do have a few questions.

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        Holy cow, NBT! You look awesome! I would like to add some lifting to me workout. I just need more time. I used to do a lot of rowing and I like the way my arms look with that little definition.

          NBT - you can be my escort when I'm walking down a dark alley.  Good job!

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            I would say a lot of the bodybuilders that try to espouse their knowledge on anybody that listens look up to the IFBB pros as their role models for physiques. Let's face it there is no way those guys could run, and the minions that follow their training believe in the same thing. To each their own. A lot of them don't do cardio until the cutting phase and eat more calories in a day than a lot of us take in for three or four. I do wonder what the blood work looks like for many of them. I'm not even going to go into the the steroid thing.


            I started lifting seriously again last summer after several years of endurance focused training. I love it. I love the way DOMS sets in for a couple of days after a hard chest workout or how my boxers are are too tight around my thighs now. It's a personal preference. The one thing I don't miss is the time it took for my slow ass to run 40 mile weeks in all kinds of weather, the constant foot and ankle pain from years of repeated injuries. I still run a couple of times a week but I also do cardio 4-5 times a week just to keep the heart ticking.


            Oh and Arnold used to run for his cardio at times. Those were the days before the stepmills, elipticals, and a treadmill in every home.

            Of course it's a real gun, it's a real race.


              I don't understand it either. All the "athletes" I know (bodybuilders, runners, triathlete, tennis players) just encourage one another. I am just happy to see people exercising. I don't care how you do it. I have way to many obese friends and family. Way to many with life threatening health issues at an early age with young children. They all say "I need to take these meds" but they don't. They all say "I need to start exercising" but they don't.  I have cholesterol issues (bad genes) but I work hard running and lifting and take meds to get it under control. I do this for my family and me. I want my daughter to grow up and be active and understand the benefits of exercise.


              What exercise people choose is up to them. Just get out there. For yourself and your family.

                Looking good NBT!


                So last night I was at the gym with my son, one of the "juiced up trainers" (that should be promoting physical fitness) had a tshirt on that said "RUNNING SUCKS"! So I asked why running sucks? His reply was that he weighs 250, I said I weigh 235 and can run 20 miles like nothing, then his best reply was he's a weightlifter. Guess that answers that!


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                  I have a bodybuilding friend who will not do any cardio work because he feels it will reduce his testosterone levels.  Basically, his goal in life is to have as much testosterone as possible and plans his diet/workouts accordingly.  I can't speak on this as any sort of expert, but thats what he tells me.

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                    I have a bodybuilding friend who will not do any cardio work because he feels it will reduce his testosterone levels.  Basically, his goal in life is to have as much testosterone as possible and plans his diet/workouts accordingly.  I can't speak on this as any sort of expert, but thats what he tells me.

                    Running has a negative effect on testosterone? Crap

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                      The crack about testosterone levels is a bit extreme, but it is true that body builders generally limit cardio to 20-40 minutes per session a few times a week (depending on what phase they are in), in large part because it is believed that testosterone levels drop as you approach 60 minutes of strenuous activity.


                      Most of these guys are on the plus side of 200 lbs (or aspire to be) and much higher.  They are not going to subject themselves to the rigors of running when an elliptical session will accomplish the same thing.  Hell, look at the issues the people of this forum have with running at a fraction of that weight.  That is not to say they cannot, would not, or do not run.  Just that it doesn't make much sense for them to run.


                      In many aspects, body building is the polar opposite to running.  For instance, whereas every calorie consumed is monitored by them on a hourly basis, we may burn upwards of 1500 hundred calories in a single run, every day!  Yes, like us they consume carbs, but at 4000 calories and 300 grams of protein a day, runners simply do not do that.


                      I ran on the treadmill back then primarily because I was a weight lifter, and into fitness, not a body builder.  There is a difference.  There are also power lifters, whom boast brute strength, which could come packaged in any number of shapes and sizes.  Not necessarily in a muscle bound figure.  There are also every day people who lift just to be healthy, and are not looking for muscle size and/or strength.


                      Ultimately body builders do what is necessary to build their bodies.  They can (and do) do this without running.  They are an informed lot, and many of their principles can be applied to the average person looking to get fit.  That a few knuckleheads make cracks about running is no different than the cracks that have been made in this thread about them....or in any gun, religion, swimming, or craft forum about someone who does not do what they do.


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                        naked baby guns!!




                            NBT you do look awesome. How many years have you been lifting?


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                              I lifted for a year and a half pretty much 5 days a week, the whole time. It all started with initial weight loss, from 185 to 125 goal weight. The progessed from there to wanting definition. For cardio, I boxed or jumped rope, biked, or sometimes ran but not more than 2 miles at once. I followed "The New Rules of Lifting" plans, with ending emphasis on abs(I have always had an Ethipopian belly my whole life, my last 6 mos goal was to see a 6 pack). Dialed in my diet, cut the carbs, ate the protein, etc. "Cut" down to 115lbs and pretty much stayed there.

                              Like I said, I don't lift anymore as I broke 2 toes pretty badly(rocking chairs are vicious!) and sortof had an epiphany during the healing period of what I wanted out of fitness and life in general once I got healthy again. So I just do bodyweight exercises now to maintain the muscle I have and focus on enjoying being outside and biking & running. I think part of fitness is realizing what turns your crank and what doesn't. And going with that, KWIM? Life is too short to force it. Not that I am gonna let that 6 pack disappear anytime soon thoughWink I worked damn hard for those little knots! Lol!

                              I appreciate all the compliments! You guys and gals are too kind!


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                                Approaching the Mr. Olympia contest, this guy does 45 minutes of cardio in the morning and evening, though admittedly he's a stairclimber addict.  No running here.  No shortage of testosterone either....though there might be a little pharmaceutical help going on.  Big grin