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Holyoke St. Patrick's Day 10K RR (Read 69 times)


    Hey guys. I figure since I posted my race photo in the running legs thread, I may as well write up a quick RR. So this past Saturday I ran the Holyoke St. Patrick's day road race. This is by far the biggest race in my area. Registered runners were over 7,000 and there were 5,777 that finished. I wasn't so sure how I was going to do with this race, since it is a tough course and was shooting from 51--53 minutes. My best time on this course was under 51 minutes. I ran a few races this month already so kind-of knew how to gauge my speed.  Here is quick description of the course taken from Mapmyrun. This is a 6.2 mi Run in Holyoke, MA. The Run has a total ascent of 298.56 ft and has a maximum elevation of 462.6 ft. 

    The morning of the race, I had been "hung-over" by popping Sudafed and Tylenol the day before, as I had come down with some sinus stuff. I was not going to be sick for this event. The race starts later at 1pm so I did not eat anything till around 11am. I had only a half a bagel with some peanut butter, but made sure to eat good the night before. I was thrilled that Dh was going to come to the race that way he could drop me off and I didn't have to worry about parking. So here goes the report. I warmed up for about a mile and a half with a few friends than lined up in the 7 pace corral. I knew I wouldn't be that fast, but its impossible to move that first mile because of the congestion.


    Here are my splits:

    Mile 1 was an 8:11 pace. I felt good and was just trying to weave through the crowd at this point. My goal was to just keep the miles in the 8 zone and that is what I did.


    Mile 2 was an 8:45.  First big hill and I was just moving along. I felt good and my thoughts were like " You've got this." "You don't have to race it, you just have to finish."


    Mile 3 was an 8:43. Another hill that levels out and climbs some more. I was feeling consistent at this point, but I developed a side stitch on my right side. I just ran through it. There is no time to stop during a race for that. I heard some spectator at this point yell out to the runners that we were half-way done at this point and I wanted to just about strangle her. Worst thing to say when you're climbing up a hill.


    Mile 4 another hill at 8:44. Very consistent splits throughout. I knew that I just had this mile to go and than it was a nice downhill stretch and I was almost done. I actually stopped looking at my watch at this point because I told myself to just run as hard as I could, and though I cared about my time, I just wanted to finish.


    Mile 5 all down hill. 7:35. Yowzers. I didn't see this until the finish when I looked at my splits. My legs felt amazing at this point and just went. The spectators on the course were great and I knew I was on the homestretch.


    Mile 6 had a small little bump to it and it was an 8:11. The last .27 according to my Garmin was 2:05.  At this point my calves started cramping on me and I could feel them going into spasms. I just wanted to be done. I love the look on my finishing photo. It speaks volumes how determined I was to just be done at that point.


    Finishing time 52:08 average pace 8:24. Placed 1441/5777 top 24% of the race and age group 20-39 was 241/1657 or 14.5%


    After the race I had fun hanging out with Dh and some friends drinking beers and just having a good time. Its a huge block party so you have to look forward to that. I am really pleased at this race and really look forward to race season to see my times improve.

    Thanks for reading. Smile BTW- I will be buying this photo. Its one of my best.


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    delicate flower

      Nice job nailing your goal, Hilary!  Sounds like you ran a strong race, and that's a great picture.  Wow...7000 runners in Holyoke.  That's an impressive draw.



        Thanks Phil. 10Ks are so hard to pace for and I'm pleased at how consistent these were. Its not my strongest distance, but I'm starting to like them. I've signed up for one in May and June. Big grin

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        Smaller By The Day

          Great job!  I like how you took advantage of what the course had to offer.  Every time I encounter an uphill portion, I start looking forward to that downhill stretch.  Definitely a picture worth purchasing as well.  The guy in the orange looks determined to catch you, but based on the picture he doesn't have much of a chance.  You're looking pretty relaxed and strong.


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            Great job, Hilary!

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              Way to go, Shari - nice running there. You did well to not let the uphill portion of the race (or the sinus stuff) mess with your race!

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                Way to go, Shari - nice running there. You did well to not let the uphill portion of the race (or the sinus stuff) mess with your race!


                umm...Tom? Undecided


                Great race Hil.  10k's are cool.  I agree that you should buy that photo, it's a keeper.








                  Great job, Hilary! Way to go!!!

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                    Great job Hilary!!  Hills kill me, but that's what I get for living in the flatlands. lol  Great pic too!


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                      Great job on a hilly race!! You rocked it! Love that picture! The green outfit is perfect for the St Patrick's Day weekend!

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                        Great job Hillary! I think you are going to have a great race season!

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                          Nice pacing on the run, you definitely ran by feel rather than a pre-determined pace and that's a good thing.


                          Love your photo where the girl to the right is bundled up with hat, 2 shirts, tights, gloves and you are in a tank and shorts.  Were you cold or just trying to show off for the crowd!


                          Go figure

                            Ha, your Sudafed/Tylenol hangover made me laugh.  Here I thought it would have been the green beer.  Isn't it nice to have someone take you to a race?  It just makes life so much easier.  You did a great job hitting right in the middle of your pace estimation, and it seems like you ran a strong, consistent race.  I just did a 5 mile with 275 feet of climb so I can totally picture what your race course was like with such a similar elevation.  Great job on that speedy downhill mile too.  It seems like all the women I run with are way better downhill runners than I am.  I'm guessing you're the same way.  Sounds like a nice time after the race....great pic!

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                              Thanks for all the comments.  I totally went by feel as I stopped looking at my Garmin around mile 3. Next year I'd love to sub 50 on this course. It may be doable. I really look forward to racing this season. I failed to mention in my report that I was injured with a groin injury for seven weeks back in Oct. Nov.and had to pull out of a HM so I was thrilled to be able to run this race.  Smile

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                                Great job hitting your goal. You must have mad downhill running skillz to have a split like that.