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2013 in 2013 7 Deadly Shins (Team 7) (Read 29 times)


Fast Penquin

    Hey all,


    Here is a team list for 7 Deadly Shins


    Battman 2800 Vet
    jwhite73 2600 Vet
    Gray Runner 2500 New
    TriciaRuns 2013 Vet
    huenix 2000 Vet
    Pygzilla 2000 New
    ZodiacMindwarp 1800 New
    zoekat 1800 Vet
    ooligans 1252.09 New
    marmot84 1252.09 New
    BexKix 1252.09 Vet
    ldackerman 1252 Vet
    Lenarde 1200 New
    Onirocdarb 1200 New
    FlippyNoodle 1200 New
    Clips 1000 Vet
    ButlerMom 1000 Vet
    heyitserika 1000 New
    MorganEdge 1000 Vet
    BradyS71 1000 Vet
    andee1296 1000 Vet
    Izzie118 925 Vet
    josephine131 900 Vet
    doodlebug9 600 New
    hvmorfun 520 Vet
    Hollandaise 500 Vet


    I am captain and Battman and others will be co-captains.  BexKix set up a face book page ad you need to email or message her to get in.


    Looks like we have a great team and we should hit the ground running in the new year!

    Tick: I'm sure millions of viewers out there are just wondering what it's like to wear the tights of justice. Well, it's tingly and it's uncomfortable, but it gets the job done and, oh, the job of it.


    Not a dude

      Do we have a thread on RWOL? I don't check in over ever...these days