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What's for dessert? (Read 90 times)


Run Like a Mother

    It's my son's 6th birthday tomorrow. He and I just made chocolate wacky cake cupcakes with chocolate chips in them. He wanted strawberry frosting. I didn't want to go artificial on the strawberry so I tried a frosting recipe that has you puree strawberries, then cook it down to syrup before putting it in the frosting. I could pretty much eat the whole vat of icing. SO GOOD! I may have one of those tonight, but I need to make sure I save enough for his class tomorrow. Tomorrow, I will be making a strawberry cake and an orange cake. Requested by the birthday boy. They will be frosted in a light whipped cream frosting and then turned into a monster truck arena. I'll also make orange/white chocolate/cranberry scones for the grown ups. I think it will be a sugar fest around here for a few days!

      Chocolate/hazelnut cupcake


        Awesome psychedelic cake made by DW & DD for the school carnival. (It's multi-colored on the inside too.)



        Little Blue

          Thin Mints.  One more box of Girl Scout cookies left. Sad



          @ ernsm1th :  that picture makes my teeth hurt.  I agree, she's trying to kill you.


            Rumor had it that our local DQ was opening today for the new season!!  So my daughter and I headed out in the storm take part in a season opening Blizzard!!  Damn rumors, not open yet, we were so close to being fat and happy, have to wait a couple more days.

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                Girl scout cookies, samoas, my favorite. Smile


                I keep forgetting that my Girl Scout cookies (thin mint) are in the fridge. I bought them at a race expo of all places.

                Just B.S.

                  Could pass all them up without blinking. Last time I had cake or squares was Christmas.


                  I'm a salt girl. A good bag of flavored potato chips any time over something sugary.


                  Barking Mad To Run



                    Isn't that what you have to get to move across the dessert?  Wink

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                      Isn't that what you have to get to move across the dessert?  Wink


                      Oh I though you meant that for dessert, you smoke a pack of Camels.