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Run To End MS half-marathon (RR and pics) (Read 127 times)


    Wow, you are just incredible.  That time would have won you the AG award in the HM I ran yesterday as well and there were 292 people in it.  You are such a talented and hard working runner that you deserve all of the running awards you can get.  Congratulations!


      You look like you are flying in those pictures!  Congrats on yet another great race.

      Life is good.

      Jack K.

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        Lily, man you are fast!!! That was a great RR(as usual). Smile

          Great job. You must be tiny or those are giant bibs. My last race I was able to put mine in my thigh Smile

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          Ms Chenandler Bong

            Awesome PR!  and so soon fast your marathon - you're amazing!  And you looked terrific in your pictures as well.

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              Congrats on an awesome run, a PR, and for supporting a great cause. You RR made me tear up. I have been diagnosed with MS for 10 years now, so I say thank you.


              I ran the inaugural Ottawa 10k today for MS, will try to post a Coles notes RR ( with PR too).


              Go figure

                I love that you were willing to experiment with this race trying it so close to Boston.  You're a real "fly by the seat of your pants" kind of gal!  Also, your recovery powers are freaking crazy.  The half is such a different beast than the full.  If you test your pace for too long, you're done before you have a chance to speed up, so picking it up like you did was great.  That course PR was great, and your paces were awesome.  I don't mind passing the other distance racers at the end - for me it's just more people that I'm passing so it's a boost.  Maybe you can try to reframe that.  As for the pics, you look like the total running goddess that we all know you are!

                Trying to find some more hay to restock the barn

                  You impress me!  Congrats!  I love your non running look content.


                    I love all of your photos, congrats on your speedy half. It is sadfab out how that lady feels about returning to Boston, although I understand. Sad



                      Great job on the PR.  Your RR's are always so good, and I like your attitude. Those pics at the end (you and SO) are adorable.  It looks like you two know how to enjoy life

                        Great job, Lily.


                        Your powers of recovery are amazing, there is no way that I could PR a HM right now.  Very nice.


                        Skirt Runner

                          Back to back marathon and half marathon PRs?!? You are on fire Lilly!! Amazing job!!!! Love all the pictures...the ones of you and your hubby are adorable!!!

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                            You are so stinking photogenic! I love how every single picture just looks like you're flying out there during the race. BTW, even the "dorky" ones show how much effort you put into your racing - nice work!


                            What an awesome race report and huge PR after running such a strong race in Boston. Your training is paying off huge dividends in races and I really think it's a big part to recovering quickly after a race. Kudos on running yet another awesome race!

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                              Very cool for you and congrats on a new PR! Life is all about taking risks. It was your day to shine.

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                                Thank you so much, guys! Smile


                                Now I know that George is trying to kill me. Big grin

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