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Some days, the schedule is wrong (Read 93 times)


    The training schedule and my brain said "Run on the treadmill; you need to do some 5k pace work today. It's important for your goal." My heart said "Forget about that schedule and its paces for a while. TODAY what you need is sunshine and fresh air. Worry about the goal tomorrow."
    Know what? My heart was right. 9 glorious miles of sunshine and crisp air - 13*, just a bit of a breeze, and snow all around. Even though I wasn't on a trail, just being out there on the streets was so much better than seeing the inside of the YMCA again.

    Go figure

      Nothing wrong with occasionally reminding yourself that you're the one steering the ship!  Glad you had a good run.

      Trying to find some more hay to restock the barn


        13*C and sunny? Beautiful day! But... did you mean 13*F??? Go back on the TM, crazy woman!


        Big grin


        Actually, it sounds like you had a delightful run on a beautiful winter day. I'm glad that you trusted your gut. Very wise woman!

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        Little Blue

          That sounds lovely, although in my book, 13* is not "crisp."  Smile


          hop, hop, hop...

            Yep, sometimes you just have to throw the schedule out the window. Can you send some of that sun my way? I need some sunny days to run in, or at least the days to get longer so when I get home it's still daytime. This winter grey is really starting to get me down..

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              Shari - I'm glad that you had a glorious run!  We all need those to remind ourselves how delightful it can be, especially in the middle of the winter blahs.   Smile

              But The Smile That I Sent Out Returned With You.


                I understand about seeing the sun and wanting to be outside.  This has been a grey and gloomy winter.  Cold and sunny feels more welcome than warmer and cloudy.



                  Good for you!


                  This past Saturday's run was under grey skies with snow falling and was great.  Sunday's run was under sunny skies and stunk.


                  No matter how they come, I will take a good run over a bad one any day!


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                    Sometimes what's good for the soul benefits the body.  Gotta love a good run!

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                      You definitely made the right decision, Shari!  I love this post!