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My attempt at healthy eating (or: Kay loses her thumb) (Read 178 times)


    I'm posting this for several reasons.  I mentioned in the Dailies yesterday that I wouldn't be lifting for a while.  So this offers an explanation about that.  But I also was posting a lot of food pics, and people were asking for recipes.  So this is to share those, as well.




    In an effort to get myself healthy and in shape, I've started to really try and pay attention to what I'm eating.  Not just calories (which I am counting), but in terms of processed foods, healthy fats, lean protein, etc.  I decided to try to do at least 75% paleo.  Please, spare me opinions, that's not what this thread is about.  Anyway, this weekend I went on a shopping/prepping/cooking/baking whirlwind.  I dropped about $260 at the grocery store and got to work.


    I prepped four crock pot meals and threw them in the freezer.  I'll just take them out and put them in the crock pot in the morning, and when I get home from work, PRESTO!  Dinner.



    Recipes HERE.


    Dinner I made Friday night.  Lemon spinach spaghetti squash.  I added baby shrimp for some protein.  Paleo.



    Recipe HERE.


    Then I made a snack.  Honey cinnamon roasted chick peas.  Not paleo.



    Recipe HERE.


    Dinner I made Saturday night.  Honey apple shredded pork.  Would be paleo if I hadn't put it in a pita pocket.



    Recipe HERE.


    Then I started prepping snacks, which are my downfall.


    Multi-grain tortilla chips.  Not paleo.



    I wish I could say "home made" but the tortillas weren't (I hope to try that next time).  These were easy, I just cut the shapes with cookie cutters (well, my daughter did), brushed each side with olive oil, lightly salted, and baked at 375 for 12 minutes.


    Brown sugar & cinnamon apple chips.  Paleo.



    Recipe HERE.


    Coconut butter to prep for a few sweets.  Paleo.



    Recipe HERE.


    And my favorite of the day, chocolate coconut almond haystacks.  Paleo.  Mmmmmm...



    Recipe HERE.


    And I was done for the day.  It was at this point I decided I wanted to make more.  I had a few more recipes I wanted to try, and I only made one apple's worth of apple chips.  So Sunday afternoon, I started working on more apple chips.


    Warning, this is where it gets graphic.


    I was slicing away on my new mandolin slicer and suddenly I felt a searing pain through my thumb.




    This is what SRL is hoping is a piece of fish.  So I'll just let him continue to think that.



    Notice how it says "Warning: Sharp Blade."  Yeah, I can see it now.


    The mess.



    Don't let the picture fool you.  There was a very bloody towel just out of camera shot.


    I called my husband's aunt, who is a nurse, but who wasn't nearby, who called my sister in law, who came to get me and the kids, drop me off at the ER, and take my kids to her house.


    This is where the tears start.  I held off until the kids were gone, then the shock wore off, and the pain really set in.  It fucking hurt.  Bad.  The triage nurse tried to take the gauze off so she could see what happened.  I cried.


    It soaked through two layers of gauze.



    So they took me back to a room, and I got a really hot ER tech with a mohawk helping me.  I screamed and cried like a baby when he soaked it in iodine to get the gauze off.  I screamed and cried like a baby again when the doctor came in and looked at it.  Then when I calmed down, I asked the ER tech if I could lift or run.  He told me to wait a couple days to run, but not to lift for at least a week.  He even made a comment about keeping my figure in such good shape after having two kids.  I think he was hitting on me.  I'm okay with that.  Even crying like a baby, I still got game.  Wink


    Anyway, he bandaged me up and offered me pain meds.  I declined.  He said "bad ass."  I smiled.



    Hubby was hoping for amputation.  Told me to ask for a baboon thumb.



    So here I sit, lower middle class white girl, with a black dead crack head's big toe for a thumb.  Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?

    Do you even run?



      So you're saying you're a hot mess?

      You people, have issues.


        So you're saying you're a hot mess?


        Yes.  Yes I am.  Smile

        Do you even run?

        Better I Leave

          From one foodie to another...Awesome food pics Kay. And no, I won't give you crap about Paleo. I pretty much did what you're doing for about 6 months when I went gluten/wheat free.


          As for the slice, sorry to read about that but, yep...Been there, done that myself. I think it happens to all of us if we do a lot of food prep. My last mishap was with my brand new Kyocera ceramic knives...Needless to say, I found out that they are VERY sharp and slice through anything like it's butter.

            I'm not laughing at your pain, but....LMAO @ baboon thumb Smile  Food looks great!


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              No joke, I have a steel mesh glove I wear for the mandolin.  I have lost more blood to that thing than any of my knives!


              I hope you feel better soon!!



                I'm not laughing at your pain, but....LMAO @ baboon thumb Smile  Food looks great!


                No worries, I'm laughing about it now.  It was meant to be funny. Smile

                Do you even run?

                YAYpril - B-Plus

                  I'm with ya. I'm the world's clumsiest vegetable slicer. A few years ago I was cutting carrots and I slipped and cut my thumb, and the carrot piece fell to the floor. All husband heard was "OW!!!!!" then something hit the floor. He thought I cut my finger off, LOL.


                  I also cut myself the first time I ever used my mandolin.


                  Heal fast. I'm not squeamish but I winced when I saw the pictures. Ouch.


                  Healed Hammy

                    Look on the bright side Kay, with that bandage you will have difficulty in putting your thumb up your arse now!!!


                    Guess DH has to handle the cooking chores from now on Roll eyes

                    Jack K.

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                      Sorry about your thumb, but great recipes!


                      Barking Mad To Run

                        That's a helluva story, Kay, and glad you can keep your sense of humor about it all!  Wishing you speedy healing!


                        Well, at least you won't be like the butcher who backed into the meat slicer...with the result being he got a little behind in his work!   Big grin

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                        kind of a big deal

                          i have heard so many horror stories like this about mandoline slicers. i have yet to use one. i'm kind of afraid to.


                          good on you for trying to cut down on processed foods.


                          Skirt Runner

                            Oh my God...Kay that sounds awful and painfulSad sorry about your thumb!!!


                            Those recipes are awesome....I'm trying to eat healthy too....may  try some!

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                              I am a menace with kitchen knives - I swear, I knick myself once every few weeks.  Usually nothing serious, but I am certainly clumsy.  I chopped a nice chunk out of my finger about a year ago that I probably *should* have gone to the ER for.....but instead I just soaked through about 8 band-aids in 10 minutes, and then wrapped it in as much gauze as I could and hoped for it to stop, which it finally did.


                              I *almost* got myself with a mandoline the day of the Superbowl - I skinned the tip of a finger, but took such a tiny layer off that it didn't  bleed.


                              Good for you trying to eat more healthfully, though.  My husband and I have slowly transitioned away from most processed foods over the past few years, and it's been great.  It's also made us much more adventurous in our cooking, trying to make a lot of things at home that we used to buy.

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                                Ouch!  Been there, done that.  One time I cut half of my thumbprint off and I yelled and cried until my husband came down (5 minutes!).  He looked at it and said, sheesh, just keep putting pressure, whiner.  And left.


                                Never marry a doctor....



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                                It's always fucking hot in Miami!