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    Dead tired this morning after last night's late flight back I decided to sleep in and not get in an early morning recovery 6. After the TM runs I crave a run outdoors and will hit the roads after work tonight.

    Train smart ... race smarter.



      Supp crew!


      6 miles easy done including 10-30 second strides @ 5:00 pace w/1:00 recoveries


      I spent the entire run thinking about mile 25 of the Detroit Marathon.  That was the longest mile for me last fall but also the most exciting.  Kind of weird I know but there is a portion of it towards the end where the crowds are right on top of you.


      My thoughts today were mostly running that mile in distress while hoping to be on pace.  It is mental exercises like these that pay dividends on race day, so for those who are running their first marathon this year keep that in mind. 


      Visualize yourself on different parts of the course during your training runs; mile 6, mile 13, mile 20 and so on.  Feel the strength and excitment, as well as the agony that you most likely will be in.  Live and overcome it during your training runs, and the same will happen on the big day.

      Bad Ass

        I loved the Sherlock Holmes movies.  I surprisingly liked 21 Jump Street and I thought it was really funny.


        What's on the schedule today?



        You need to watch Sherlock the TV show! So much better than the movies. I watched the last (available) episode last night.


        Tried to keep up with everyone at the LRS group run last night and just couldn't manage it, turned around 1.4 or so in and ran back. Today's a rest day for me today, but I'll be doing a workout video and my ITB rehab.



        "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

        It's always fucking hot in Miami!

          Good morning all. I got 4.25 miles done last night. Tonight is 6 more.  Got some snow on the way here in Michigan. But not like up in new england. Ya'll take care tomorrow!



          Jess runs for bacon

            I loved the Sherlock Holmes movies.  I surprisingly liked 21 Jump Street and I thought it was really funny.


            What's on the schedule today?



            I liked the movies too, but I like the show a zillion times more. But then again I've read every Holmes book and the TV show is oddly enough more faithful to the books, even though it is set in modern times. 21 Jump Street was hilarious!




              Great run today. 7.16 miles average pace 9:01. Rolling hills to boot. Last mile 8:24 pace. Legs felt great today! It was cold!  Smile

              Running is my mental-Ctrl-Alt-Del. 

                Good morning!  I will run 6.5 easy later, but first I have to work both jobs- teaching and Weight Watchers.  That's why Thursday has been my RD for the past few weeks, but at least it keeps me in running shoes!  I have some kinvaras on the way, maybe I will get to run in them!


                LRB, that's a great idea about the mental aspect of racing and how to work on it during training.

                Excelentísimo Señor

                  10 easy, enjoying the clear roads.

                    Worked out this morning at 6am with the personal trainer. All upper body today! Felt great i just need to remember to bring eveything clothing wise to get ready for work. Didnt bring socks today so had to wear the little no shows with my dress shoes.


                    Going back to do 3 on the treadmill tonight then rest tomorrow!

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                      Morning B&B! 9.3m this morning with 45min@T+15sec on the mill at gym. Warm-up and cooldown to/from gym.. Tempo avg @ 7:09 pace. First half at 7:13 and second at 7:08 as those were settings I had to work with. Enjoying my mill runs, but so ready for spring to get here.


                      Nice running all!

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                        My Running Times mag came last night, so I thought I'd share a quote I particularly liked: "Running is a delayed gratification sport, so the work you're doing now doesn't bring results until later on down the road. We want to keep that perspective." Since I don't understand all the physiology, that concept is hard for me to grasp, and I like to be reminded of it.


                        I'm looking to get in 12 miles today, with the last 6 a little faster. I'll play it by ear though and may back off if my legs aren't feeling fresh.

                        Trying to find some more hay to restock the barn


                        Skirt Runner

                          Hello running friends.


                          Just got back from the orthopedic doctor. Great news all around. He was MUCH nicer than that obnoxious primary care doctor (who I will never go to again) who had told me that I should stop running forever and that no one should run because it ruins your body. This guy was very nice, and professional. He told me it is definitely ITBS, there is no way it is a ligament or meniscus and he doesn't even see a need for an MRI to confirm. He told me I am doing all the right things with the foam rolling, strength exercises, icing, and stretching. He told me to get back to running and just increase mileage slowly, that I was doing just the right thing by starting out with very short runs (ran 10 minutes this week at a 12 mm pace, and then ran one mile the next run), and that I can resume a normal running schedule but to increase mileage slowly. He gave me a referral for physical therapy, and I am waiting for a call back from the PT office to schedule an appointment. I have an INSANE work schedule and had to take the day off today to go to the doctor, so hopefully I will be able to schedule PT in with my crazy work schedule (I worked 13 hours yesterday). But I am very happy to get the news I was hoping for!!! He did give me this AWFUL knee brace though and told me to wear it to run. It is HUGE (over a foot long...goes mid thigh to mid calf) and it makes it really hard to bend my knee. Not sure if I will actually run in it.....anyone have experience with a brace like that? I did buy an ITB strap last weekend...may stick to that instead....


                          Since I had to take the entire day off my full-time job (we are not allowed to take half days) I don't have to work until my part-time job at I am just relaxing for now, and will probably go to the gym in a bit. Actually, I think I may run outside today and then go to the gym..... I HATE HATE the treadmill, but since I've been running less than 15 minutes a clip it has made more sense to me than to bundle up to go out and run for only a few minutes. But since time is not an issue and it's nice out (a brisk 28 degrees and sunny....the calm before the huge snow storm) and I have several hours on my hands right now, why not?! So happy Smile

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                          Jess runs for bacon

                            That's good news Kristin! Never used a brace or the strap actually. Considering the strap though.



                              Good morning, daily-ers!


                              Kristin, I'm glad you got some good news.  I had a mild flare up of ITBS after my first marathon, but a few ART sessions took care of it.  I was fortunate to be able to maintain my mileage.  I never used any brace or strap.


                              I will be going to a weight class at the gym today, plus running just a few recovery miles this afternoon.


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                              Go figure

                                Kristin...glad you got good news and had a better experience! I was in a heavy brace for a while post knee surgery. My advice would be that if you do wear it, lube the inside of your other leg because you're bound to chafe and nick it (or wear thights).


                       the visualization stuff. I can't tell you how many times I've already bust across the finish line of my upcoming race with a huge smile on my face!

                                Trying to find some more hay to restock the barn