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    The friend at whose house I spent this past Sabbath said that there were sandstorms before I'd arrived and that may have been a trigger. Now, I'm congested, sneezing, and coughing again. And I'm no longer in Israel.


    I'm going to have a coffee or two before going to the gym for six easy miles. I'll lift and do cardio tonight after work.





      Speed work for me, except I am going to try it on one of my public routes which should be interesting.


      I will need to shake the cobwebs first as I got a late start this morning but thankfully woke up during some weirded out ass dream.

        Rick, enjoy the speedwork. Are you OK?



          Rick, enjoy the speedwork. Are you OK?


          I am as perky as ever babe.  I have to be, my coworkers depend on it.  lol


          I am that guy who brings the energy in the office.  See ya! 

            Good morning everyone!


            Basya, hope the congestion and coughing clears up soon!  Enjoy your workout!


            Rick, enjoy the speed work!


            AFM, 7 miles done in the cold darkness this morning.  Spring needs to come back!


            Hope everyone has a great day!


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              Good morning, tacos el carbon!  It was so nice to finally get out on the rail trail yesterday.  I ran on it twice in the last three months.  I really missed running where there are no cars.   I did 8 easy miles.  My legs were definitely stiff from the HM but felt surprisingly good.  I listened to the weather report and dressed warm due to the unusual "cold" that was predicted.  You know, 30 degrees might be cold for this time of year, but I've got to remember that it still ain't that cold.  I way overdressed.  Another 8 planned after work today on another route that I haven't run in months.  I will not overdress today.



                Welcome home, Basya! I hope you feel better soon. Sand storms are intriguing to me.


                I was thinking about something yesterday, as I was running: Sundays are for Christians, Saturdays are for Jews, Fridays for Muslims and Mondays are for runners. What kind of degenerate will ask of a good obedient runner to run on a Monday, the day after a 24 miler? Pfitz is a heretic... Anyway, last night I ran 10 at recovery. I have 9 with short intervals tonight.


                Have a great day, everyone!

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                  Rick, I'm glad that you're OK.


                  Dave, bravo on the seven.


                  Phil, excellent run yesterday.


                  Lily, have a great run tonight.


                  The T station at which I normal change trains is closed for renovations. So, I had to fine a different route, which decreased the amount of time that I had to run. 3.0 miles 30:00. I did the entire run at 6.0 mph (10:00). To make it a little spicy I did 10:00-11:00 and 12:00-13:00 at an incline of 5.0. That was fun. I think that I'll start working thirty-minute runs with inclines into my routine. I hope to be able to do thirty minutes at 6.0mph (10:00) and a 5.0 incline by the end of April. I'll do cardio tomorrow. I want to do 6.0 miles after work tonight.

                    Ohayu gozaimasu!


                    Lily, Monday is also my Sabbath, just checked my log & I have not run on a Monday since October. Also noted that I have not taken off any other day since Christmas.


                    8 easy on the treadmill.



                    Barking Mad To Run

                      Plan on doing 3 - 4 miles after work on the trails of a local park.   For my outing the San Antonio weather will be sunny, 70 degrees, humidity 36%,  and an agreeable dew-point too.  Nice!


                      Jeez, Basya, you just did a marathon, had a long flight, and now are congested, sneezing, etc.  Sounds like you earned a well-deserved couple days of rest!


                      Good luck with the speedwork on your public route, LRB.  Try not to knock down don't want to be sued for hit-and-run!  


                      Congrats on the 7 miles, D2.  Yeah, good luck with Spring coming back...I saw on the news the Northeast may get yet another snow storm.  I am SO glad I live in San Antonio.


                      Congrats on the miles, Baboon.  Nice you can run your outside routes again.


                      You are a hard-core runner, Lily, all those miles!  Way to go!  Monday is actually a day off running for me, usually, since I run Sat and Sun and my ole back can't really handle 3 days in a row running anymore.


                      Congrats on the 8 miles, DaveP!

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                        Morning!  7 miles for tonight, weights if I have time.  It's raining like it's rainy season and we are flooded, so maybe on the TM.



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                        It's always fucking hot in Miami!


                          Since we have a wind chill of -4* and a weird one-hour storm last night left ice and about a 1/2" of slippery snow on the roads ... back to the indoor track. At least my iPod Shuffle was calling up some good songs this morning - I even ran an extra half-mile in order to keep cranking with a fast one. 8.5 miles at a 9:22 average pace.

                          Unless a work project has to be wrapped up right then, I will also go to a strength training class later this morning.



                            It's snowing......... yep

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                              Guten Morgen, Tageszeitungen!

                              Wie geht es?


                              And no, I am not able to speak German fluently. I cheated! Smile


                              Looking at a nice 3.5-4 mile run this morning once I get my coffee down and get myself motivated.

                              Basya, hope you're feeling better. You need to get rid of that sneezing/coughing.


                              LRB, can you bring some energy to my brain? It's feeling exceptionally lazy this morning.

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                                Morning!  7 miles for tonight, weights if I have time.  It's raining like it's rainy season and we are flooded, so maybe on the TM.


                                D - I see you're scheduled to run the RnR Country Music Half. Is that the one in Nashville? You'll be about 2 hours away from me if it is!

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