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SUNDAILIES Are Stayin' Alive (Read 64 times)


Team TJ

    Good morning everyone.


    I got my 8.3 mile run done earlier this morning.

    Running for TJ because he can't.



    Run Long, Hard, and Fast

      Good morning fellow runners! I am going out for 10 miles shortly in 22F weather. It actually has the feel of 12F. Once again, ideal running conditions in Upstate NY...2 layer weather. I will report back when done.


      Have a great Sunday! Run long, hard, and fast! God bless you all!

      delicate flower

        Good morning, muchachos!  It's Sunday....WAKE UP!  Or don't wake up, since it's Sunday.  I've got 20 ounces of Americano in me, so I'm very much awake.  I hit the gym early this morning for another upper body workout, 30 minutes on the recumbent bike, and some PT.  Today when I woke up, my knee felt "good" for the first time since before the injury.  I am very happy about that.  Today's plan is to do some housework and cook.  werd


        kristin, good luck on your 5K!!


          Damaris, I hope that your trail run goes well.


          Rick, while you're waiting, are you caffeinating?


          AprilRunner, enjoy the field trip to Trader Joe's.


          BruceD555, thank you for the kind words. I don't particularly enjoy doing ab work and push-ups first thing in the morning. I just get them out of the way, so I don't have to argue with myself about doing them later. Have a great MLR.


          Lily, have a wonderful LR.


          AmiK, I've had occasions on which it began snowing as soon as I opened the door to go out for a run.


          Scott, enjoy your six-miler.


          Robert, bravo fitting 8.3 miles into the early part of the day.


          SUSchnauzer, have a great run.


          Phil, I'm happy that you're active again. Have fun cross-training (doing housework).


          I've walked about four miles, so far today. I found a heavenly cheese vendor and a cute cafe in the shuk on Mahane Yehuda. I have a full and happy tummySmile I'm now at the apartment, relaxing and waiting for a friend of a friend to come retrieve the eight boxes of cream of wheat cereal I brought with me from Boston.


          Later, peeps.


          Barking Mad To Run

            Slept in a bit today and will now head out to Medina River Natural Area, a preserved park that has trails that go along the Medina River.  Haven't been there in a while, it is very scenic.  Will take my camera with me and post some photos of the area later.   Weather is very cooperative is nearly 10 a.m. my time right now, very sunny, and the temp is a nice 51 degrees.  We are heading to 76 degree today.

            "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." Theodore Roosevelt

              Morning!  Easy miles with the dogs went well yesterday.  Later this morning/afternoon, I'm going to run 14, including the HM course.  The only hilly part comes around mile 8-9, so I kinda want to experience that at that point in the run.  The nice thing is, I do think it's a very gradual downhill from there to the finish.  Then later we will be headed over to my in-laws house for some pizza and games.


              Basya- Sounds like a RD and some relaxing were a good choice!


              kristin- If I wish you good racing luck in both threads, that means I hope you're having an extra good race! Smile


              DaveP- Hope you feel better soon!


              D- Hiya!


              LRB- It's about time for you guys to get some spring!


              April- Enjoy the Trader Joe's run!  Do you bring a cooler so you can get frozen stuff?


              Bruce- Enjoy the LR today!  I always run faster than I should when I run *with* my RPs!


              Lily- Hope the LR is going well!


              Ami- Hope the snow run goes well!


              Scott- Hope the run is just what you need to take care of the soreness.


              Robert- Nice run this AM!


              SUS- Hope you are doing well and not turning into an icicle!


              Phil- So glad the knee is feeling better!  You are going to be running before you know it!


              Scott- Looking forward to the pics later!

                Hi dailies:


                Basya - you just ran a marathon -- take a few days to do whatever you feel like doing, running or not.


                Kristin - good luck at the race


                Dave - hoping you get over it soon


                Rick - yeah, I'm waiting for 75 and sunny today.  I may have to get used to disappointment.


                April - A T.J.'s is going to open about 40min north of here, I'm intrigued to check it out sometime.


                Bruce - have a good MLR


                Lily -  enjoy your "spring" LR


                AmiK - would xc skis be cheating?


                Sparker - Panic attack just thinking about doing that.  Yikes, no thanks.


                Robert - nice job on the 8.3


                Schnauzer - "ideal"... your positive outlook is admirable


                Baboon - we no speak americano


                Scotty - have fun at the nature area


                Zelanie - sounds like a perfect Sunday


                Winter storms with names are ridiculous.  I'm going to start naming my LRs.  Today is "Chauncey".

                  Shirfan, if we all name our LRs Chauncey today, can we add up the total mileage and freak out about the huge distance LR that's sweeping the nation?


                    Heading out shortly for a run of undetermined length - at least 6 miles, maybe up to 9 or 10 depending on how I feel. A certain outpouring of love shown to a running community friend today would keep me smiling the whole time, even if the sun weren't shining today. It's a good day to be a runner.

                      Good morning!  SRD for me.  I front loaded my week and ran my long run yesterday because it's supposed to snow all day today.  It's currently 25F, feels like 14F.  I have never paid so much attention to the weather in my life before moving to Canada and becoming a runner.


                      Basya, fwiw, I take close to a week off completely after a marathon.


                      View from my living room currently:



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                        Oops, double pic post...


                        shirfan, lol at naming long runs!


                        5k: 25:05 (Sep 2011)     10k: 51:57 (Aug 2012)     half: 1:56:46 (May 2013)     full: 4:09:46 (Jan 2016)

                        Bad Ass

                          Wow, paula!


                          1.5 loops on the trail, somewhere between 4 and 5, as the garmins all have different distances.  No falls but I think I found my trail ultra shoes.



                          "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                          It's always fucking hot in Miami!


                          Skirt Runner

                            Thanks for the luck worked! PRed by a minute.... RR to follow

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                            I started a blog about running :) Check it out if you care to


                              View from my living room currently:




                              Oh my! That must have been one nasty winter storm to have capsized your house Wink

                              Train smart ... race smarter.

                                Lol, bruce - strange, they are right side up for me.


                                congrats, kristin!


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