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Who's running Boston this coming April? (Read 288 times)


    For those that do travel to Boston, try and visit The North End. Best Italian food you will ever taste besides Italy. I've never been to Italy, but I'm sure it comes awfully close. Wink

    Running is my mental-Ctrl-Alt-Del. 


    Fatty McFatFat

      Not running it but a local who hopes to meet several of you!  (I am ashamed to admit - I've never even watched the marathon.  And I went to BC, so tons of shame there).

      Excelentísimo Señor

        I am occasionally second guessing my decision not to enter.

          I'm not running Boston, but I'm local and will likely volunteer at the race.  If there's a FE, I'm in!



            I'll be there.  I'm flying in on Saturday and staying at the Courtyard in Foxborough.  I plan to run a personal worst marathon complete with lots of pictures and kisses from the girls at Wellesley.

             Yep that's a plan - kisses from the girls at Wellesley.  And I want scottydog as the official photographer to record all the photo ops since he's the best at it!

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            Dr. Cornsitter

              I have lived in Boston for 5 years and ALWAYS leave town for Patriots Day/Marathon Weekend. It is a nightmare navigating the city with all the craziness that enters the city. I liken it to Salem on Halloween x 1,000. I think this might be the first year I go out and see it first hand. I'll have to have a good game plan and exit strategy to get back home....

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              So I'm currently sitting with a bag of frozen corn in my ass.


                I'm in. Racing if training goes well, jogging and enjoying scenery if not, but I'll be there. Staying at Hyatt Regency Boston.

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                  I've lived in the area forever but have never gone, I may actually come out and spectate this year. Can I bribe my way into a FE with some kind of baked good or snack??