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Ah Ha!!! There you are!!!!! (Read 262 times)

Just B.S.

    Guess you thought you could get rid of me? Well I found you!LOL

    Good thing I know how to  find my way around a message board!Big grin


    Seriously, though I knew there was an exodus in progess but I haven't had much computer

    time this week.  Glad you see all  of you getting comfy and not being splatted by spam.


    For those of you not familiar with me at the old place I've been around for a few years. I run and race a lot,

    just don't post a lot.......formerly Just Beth


    Took this opportunity to change my screen name..........when you have initials like that you have to take

    advantage of them!


    Did anybody miss me? OK don't answer that.....umm no do answer because if you don't I will really

    think you don't miss me!


    Carry on!!


      Just BS.  Awesome username, LOL!!  Glad you found us.

      Do you even run?


      Jess runs for bacon

        Shit here she comes! *ducks* *hides*



        Just kidding! Now that's what I call a user name upgrade!! Love the avatar of the fam too!


        delicate flower

          Hiya, fellow roadie!


          Bad Ass

            Yay, Beth is here.


            BTW, we have a Marathoner Dailies group with the Daily Runner.  Here it is:



            We just need the turtles to move and we're all set :-)



            "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

            It's always fucking hot in Miami! (except for 3 days of the year)



              Wandering Wally

                Nice to see you!

                Run!  Just Run!


                Trail Runner Nation Podcast

                Canadian princess

                  Just peeking in to say hi to Beth. Smile


                    Hiya, Beth!


                    Glad to see you made it over.  Almost missed the writing on the wall myself!

                    Just B.S.

                      Hi Kay!!


                      Now Lilac, don't be like that or I may have to trip you at the Disney Half!Big grin


                      Hi Matt! Dang I really should put something biking related in my siggy so the cycle-haters know they should pick on me!!LOL


                      Hey D!!! yes I am here but still not on F/B! hehe


                      LRB, what can I say......if only I wasn't happily married......sigh


                      Hey Jan!! What's shakin!!


                      Creawood and mssmith!! Refugees unite!!


                        Ohhh, I didn't see you checked in here!  I'm glad you came over, b/c you are one of my favorites!  Smooch!

                        Just B.S.

                          Ohhh, I didn't see you checked in here!  I'm glad you came over, b/c you are one of my favorites!  Smooch!

                           Awww, Heidi you are just too sweet! Right back atcha fellow Momma to boys!!

                          Well I guess now I'm Momma to Men but to me they are still my little boys.

                          Glad you are here too.

                          not lazy, just tired

                            Hey welcome! And love the new username!

                            Not if it makes sense.

                              Hi Beth!  Glad you made it over!  : )

                              "...You have to have faith, to know that you can do what you want to do."  -Joseph Nzau


                                Beth it's great to see you here!  You always light up a forum.  Hugs!


                                "We do not become the people who this world needs simply by turning our backs on anyone we don’t like, trust, or deem healthy enough to be in our presence. "  ---- Shasta Nelson