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My Very First Half Marathon - Bryan College Station HM RR (Read 289 times)

Ball of Fury

    Congratulations and great job on your first 1/2!!  I think you will be pleasantly surprised with your next (provided it is cooler), because as others have said, the heat and humidity just really take it out of you!

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    Go figure

      Great job finishing your first half!  It sounds like you learned a lot of good lessons that will benefit you in your next race.  That's great that you got to share the race with your family too.  Keep up the good work.

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        Awesome!  Well done.  Thanks for posting this (and for mentioning it on my post so I would know to come find it and read!).   Sounds like you had a good experience, over all, even though there were a few mistakes.  The weather does not sound like fun!  My HM is in the beginning of May, and around here that can mean 50 degrees, or 80.  I will be praying for 50!  


        Congratulations on your first HM.   When's the next one? ;-)

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          Grats on completing your first HM.  I'm sure it's a wonderful feeling.  Keep on truckin'.








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            This is my daughter and I before the race.  Wow, I thought you two were sisters...Big grin



            Congrats on your half, way to go!  Yeah, weird weather we are having in Texas this year, our warmer temps sticking around for so long.  Way to persevere and get to the finish line! 


            I can relate to the dizziness.  Glad you did not fall down, that's what happened to me once.  I stopped right after I finished, bent down for a moment, and that was it, all the blood rushed to my head and ZAPPO.  Ouch.  Luckily, I have  a hard head so not much damage done.  Altho I did put a helluva scare into the finish line volunteers.   Lesson learned the hard way, cross the line and then keep on walking for about 5 minutes or so.


            Anyway, congrats to you and daughter!

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              I read this before but forgot to comment on it....oops! Awesome job and congratulations on finishing!!!

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                Great job!! I was wondering how you did, I was following your training and questions.    I'm so glad you had such an amazing experience!!


                  How did I miss your report?!?!?!  It was fun cheering you on as you train and so I'm glad to see that you finished your first HM and with your daughter too - awwww (what a cute Mother/daughter duo you both are, by the way!!!).  It sounds like you had a little bit of a rough go at times (the heat certainly didn't help), but I love how you found inspiration in others (the guy w/the prosthetic limb) and pushed on to finish.  It sounds like an emotional race, but look what you did - you finished a half-marathon!  How rock star is that?!?!?!?!  I am so super duper proud of you!  Keep up with your training and I look forward to seeing what you can do in future races. Congratulations, again!


                    Congratulations! I'm so happy for you! You and your DD are really adorable together. :-)

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                      Yay!!!  Congratulations!

                        Congrats on your half, way to go!

                          Congrats on finishing your first HM, and in that weather, too!  That's about our summer racing weather up here!


                          I also get dizzy after my races if I just stop right away.  It never happens any other time so I figure that's what it is.  But sometimes in the smaller races there's a bottleneck at the end of the chute so I can't just walk it off right away.