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School shooting in CT (Read 583 times)

    There was a shooting at my school when I was a student there 20 years ago today. At my school, two people died, but what a loss. My heart goes out to everyone who will have to live with such a terrible loss. My thoughts are with that community and those families.

      Absolutely devastating. I don't have kids, and can't even fathom what parents are going through with those living and the one that were left behind. So sad. 

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        So sad Sad My heart goes out to all the families affected. I will be picking up my daughter early today - it's been a busy week for me and I haven't had nearly enough snuggle time with her, now I really need it.


            This kind of thing is awful for the all of those involved in CT, but it also affects the rest of us. My wife is a Prof. of Education and since Columbine and the many other school shootings, she says schools are far different from when you and I went to school. For good or bad, visitors (parents,family members,friends) can no longer enter a school w/o checking into the office and getting a visitor's badge. All outside doors are locked during school hours and you are only allowed to exit through the main door. Students practice "lock down" drills, where everyone in a classroom has to huddle in a closet or other small space w/teachers for a specified time. Lots of other similar rules and practices, thanks to the wackos.


          Its a new world out there....Cry


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            I've been sick to my stomach since I heard about it.  Part of me doesn't want to hear about it any more.  The other part of me wants to know what they find out.  Why would someone do this?  Yes, there is something wrong in this persons brain, but to travel from one state to the next killing your parents, and then to go after your mother's class is not a temporary lapse of sanity.  What was going on, and how do we detect warning signs in the future to prevent these things? 


            My heart goes out to the family and friends of the victims, the community, and every parent right now that wants nothing more than to be with their child.  As disturbing as this tragedy is to someone like myself, I truly can't imagine being a parent right now. 


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              Such a mixture of emotions for me's been difficult just reading about this, can only imagine what those involved are going though.


                It's just unfathomable. Apparently most of the dead are kindergarteners...I look at my 5 yr old and can't understand it. I think of the babies who survived seeing their friends and teacher gunned down, how you explain to a 5 year old BABY how and why they should believe you when you tell them it's safe for them to go back to school.  I think of all the funerals to come in these last days before Christmas, how families will have to somehow go on for the sake of their surviving children.  I think of school starting again next year, the survivors moving up a grade without their classmates. 


                i do all this thinking, yet I still can't imagine.



                Bless your heart.

                  This is such a tragedy, my heart is aching Sad


                    This broke my heart.  I heard about it while at work and I couldn't help but to burst into tears. Even though is wasn't my children this really really hit me hard.  I just wanted to go home and cuddle with my 4 year old, which I will be doing until his bed time.  So sad.

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                      I live in CT, about 50 miles away from Newtown.  Many towns around the state let children out of school early today, with a police presence.  I can't imagine.  Newtown is the quintessential New England town.  We have friends who live in Sandy Hook and for most of the day we weren't sure if their youngest still attended that school.  My husband just talked to them and they are fine.  They live about a mile from the family home where they found someone dead, and our friends told us it is the shooter's mother.  They have not reported that on the news yet though.


                      When I hear about tragedies like this that just can't be explained I can only think that people who do these things aren't like the rest of us.  I don't feel it is because they are evil, I feel that it is because something happens to them, in their brain, something triggers this.  Mental illness is something that is so misunderstood and it is easy to label these events the result of an evil person.  I just don't believe that.  We can't understand it because our brains don't work the same way.  We aren't capable of understanding.  Thank God for that.


                      God be with all of the survivors, all those children who lived through this and are scared, and all the families who lost a loved one, a child.  I just heard two more children have died at the hospital.  20 kindergarteners.  Cry



                        I can't imagine what the kids who survived are going to have to deal with. How do you explain PTSD to those kids? I have it- but I know what its from, I can usually handle it- but these kids will not understand what goes on in their head. It will be near impossible to explain survivor's guilt to these children. The nightmares they will have. Either will the parents (unless they have suffered from it)- and will have a hard time dealing with children who have it. Such a horrible loss. Those left will never be the same.

                          This is about the worst one so far.... I have been close to many of these  acts of total evil. Starting with a guy who  brought a  Machete  to an elementary school in our district. Nobody was killed but a teacher had a finger or 2 cut off. Then a few years later and  the same class in the Junior High School some kid brought a gun to school and shot the principle dead plus himself. A few years later in the next county over the Amish shootings happened. Pure Evil...... that is what it is. 


                          On a brighter note The principle that was killed was a runner and now they have an annual  5k race in honer of him.  That first race 9 years ago was my first race. I have run it 8 times


                            I'm just devastated by today's events. I cried watching the news. The photos of those terrified children are heart wrenching. I hugged my kids so tight. They have no idea anything happened. I tried to just remind them that mommy and daddy do all we can to keep them safe and that we love them very much. My 4 year old looks at me with bright eyes and says, "at school my teacher keeps me safe." how innocent. That just crushed me inside. God bless us all. It's so terrifying and eerie to me that those are the words DS said when they haven't seen the news or heard anything of today's tragedy. 


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                              Ya, horrible.  Just no words.



                                .  My husband just talked to them and they are fine.  They live about a mile from the family home where they found someone dead, and our friends told us it is the shooter's mother.  They have not reported that on the news yet though.

                                 Wow, Linda, all day long they've been reporting that the shooters mother was a K teacher at the school and that she was shot there. Just heard the first news report agreeing with your inside info. So sad.