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NRR. What are you addicted too besides running? (Read 484 times)

    Oh, also Survivor.


    On shin transplant list

      I'm way way addicted to coffee. No way I could live without it. I only drink 2 or 3 cups a day but its a struggle not to drink a pot/day. I go to bed looking forward to waking up in the morning to coffee.. I'm not addicted to running but wish I was.




      Meat Wagon


        extra 'o's. Especially in thread titles.

        Feel sick and dirty, more dead than alive.


          extra 'o's. Especially in thread titles.


          Running is my mental-Ctrl-Alt-Del. 

          Meat Wagon




            You're gonna make me overdoose.

            Feel sick and dirty, more dead than alive.

              ha!  Only one thing?  I totally have addictive tendencies, so it is a good thing I never really drank or did any drugs!  Food, which is why I run Smile Soda, the internet, my cell phone, sugar.


                You're gonna make me overdoose.



                I couldn't help it, though I'm not addicted to these. I haven't eaten them since I was a kid. 

                Running is my mental-Ctrl-Alt-Del. 

                Peace out!



                  I couldn't help it, though I'm not addicted to these. I haven't eaten them since I was a kid. 


                  I get cravings for those occasionally. Cold, right out of the can. (heated up... meh yuck. Tight lips) I haven't indulged that craving in a few years, though. But now that you mention it...


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                    I used to have an addiction to real estate and beach houses, renovation and decorating.




                    The ensuing mortgage cured me of that addiction.Big grin Now, I'm addicted to only two things: running marathons and cocooning on the couch.

                     Oh, wow! I want to stay at each of these! Gorgeous. 

                    Just Keep "Tri" ing

                       Oh, wow! I want to stay at each of these! Gorgeous. 



                      Julie,  I've been to St. Peters, the beaches are gorgeous, well any beach in PEI is gorgeous!


                      We haven't been over for a few years and want to rent for a week next summer. Do you still own

                      any of the PEI properties?

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                        Ski parkas (and skiing). Gardening. Plants. Coffee.


                        Julie, your houses are beautiful!


                        Oh, and I hate, hate, hate phones. I have a phobia about making phone calls.

                        Not if it makes sense.


                          I have a phobia about making phone calls.


                          Me too! I hate talking on the phone, even with good friends.

                          Running for two!

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                              Ladies, thank you for the comments! And Beth, yes, we are still owners of all of them. They are our pension fund, since we won't get any pension with our present jobs. :-( You can PM me, or write at the email on the website, if you have any questions about a house in particular. 


                              BTW, add me to the list of crazies with a dislike for phones. Big grin Having an SO who doesn't mind calling stores to order stuff like ladies shoes and running bras is very practical. Big grin

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                              Drink up moho's!!

                                Knockin boots is my favorite addiction