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    I'm not a software guy but as for as spam avoidance on RWOL couldn't certain buzz words not allow a topic to post? For example most of the spam titles have the following words - vs, streaming, free, hd, to name a few of the most common. Writing code to pick up those words would defeat a lot of the spam in my non- professional opinion. 


    The next best has been talked about - fellow posters who are moderators.


    The least favorable would be have everyone, including us, sign up again as first timers and have a 24 hour delay before you can post.


    Does any of this make sense or am I short sighted here?

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      All of these have been requested FOR YEARS by the posters.


        using buzzwords would just make the spammers adjust their software, I doubt you'd ever be more than a day ahead of them that way.


        Here's what RA has been doing to combat spam



        Fear is a Liar

          Well then they have dug their own grave.

          I like the way RA lists the posts with title, author,views, hits, etc.

          I'm so vegetarian I don't even eat animal crackers!



            Some of that was in place for a while under the old version. 


            All of it and more has been suggested ad nauseam across multiple forums.


            For important as we would like to think they are, the forums are but a blip on the screen of rodales corporate radar.

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              Yes, we've recommended many changes and they have said no.  Including the simplest one of not allowing new users to open threads until they have a certain number of posts.  Today, I couldn't even find the dailies threads.  Very frustrating.



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