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Despite the violent migraine and puking, I'm doing it again. (Read 228 times)


    Next race, December 15.  Hopefully I can keep my head right and my food where it belongs. 


    I'm planning on drinking lots of fluids the day before, and sipping water all morning.  The race is at 1:00 in the afternoon, so I'm not sure what to eat beforehand.  Any suggestions for NOT vomiting would be super helpful.



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      Sometimes vomiting is inevitable if you're pushing yourself!  I don't remember the exact circumstances of what you said happened last time, but I have a tendency to puke when I know I'm pushing my aerobic limits--maybe not even pushing, but going beyond.  I had a string of races where it happened and it was kind of before I broke through to some significantly faster times.  I think that the times I puked, I was on the verge and maybe my legs were ready for the speed I was going, but the rest of my body was not.  Then, after those few races, everything got caught up.  It was very embarrassing for awhile though, I'd be in the chute and trying to warn the person in front of me that I was about to puke all over.  As far as pre-race meals go, I would go with maybe a light lunch, possibly earlier than you usually eat, and nothing new or weird.  If it were me in your position I'd probably have a bowl of cereal or a bagel and maybe some veggies around like, 10:45-11:00.

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        I think this is my last chance to get it figured out, or the DH won't let me race again.  Last time it put me out of commission all day.  HERE is the post with the details from last time.

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          I hope things work out better this next time around, Kay!


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            Maybe that last mile did you in?  Just a thought.

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              Thanks Heidi!


              Jerry, I'm thinking that's what made it worse this time around, but I've done 3 races, and I've gotten the migraine after each one.  The consensus seems to be dehydration, so I'm going to make a conscious effort to hydrate the days ahead of time, and stay hydrated that morning.

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                Good luck Kay. At least with it being a later race, you'll have more time to get hydrated.  I hope you figure this thing out.



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                    Kay I hope you can get this resolved, a migraine after each race does not sound fun at all.  Does this happen ONLY at races or does it happen with your training runs too?  Maybe part of it is mental, maybe you get a bit 'stressed' about how you will do at the race and that stress contributes to the migraine?  The mind can be a powerful thing and stress can affect your physical conditions.  Maybe you should try some mental  'calming' techniques as part of your pre-race ritual, and also during your race if you need it,  and see if that helps.   Well, I'm certainly no qualified therapist or doctor that has experience with these techniques,  I'm just throwing stuff out here for you to think about.   If part of your problem is mental, maybe a qualified therapist can give you some good mental exercises that will help.  Anyway, good luck, wishing you all the best!

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                      Scotty, it doesn't happen during my regular runs.  It's only after races.  But I'm definitely putting out extra effort during the race.  Maybe I could focus on calming myself before the race.  Maybe a little meditation (don't laugh) or something.  


                      I'm just worried that if I get sick after this race, the DH will pull the plug on my racing for good.  He's just looking for a reason for me to stop.

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