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Anyone racing this weekend? Maybe a Resolution Run? (Read 259 times)


    Who is racing this weekend?  Maybe you have a long weekend and are doing a "resolution run" for New Years?  Let's hear about it!



    I'm doing a local Resolution Run 10K.  It's partly on trails, partly on roads, and there will be chili & live bluegrass music at the end.  Sounds like the perfect start to a new year to me!

    Just B.S.

      Nope. The only run around here at this time of year is the Running Room Resolution Run 5K and I refuse to pay $55 plus 13% tax plus 4.50 processing fee for a 5K (X2 of course for hubby) It's just too damn cold here at this time of year to get enough  people showing up for races.  It does  include a flimsy jacket but if I'm going to spend $$ on a jacket I want one of my own choosing.


      Plus I would have to drive 30 minutes to the city and back.


      Hubby and I usually start the year by doing 20k on Jan 1st if the weather allows so we will stick with that. I like to do that to celebrate the fact that on Jan 1st, 2000 I made a resolution to lose weight, get fit and become a runner and still going strong, for me it's like affirmation of how I changed my life with that resolution so many years ago.

        I'm doing a Beat the Ball 5k on New Years Eve.  It starts at 11:35pm and you get a special award if you finish before midnight. Smile


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          I'm doing a Beat the Ball 5k on New Years Eve.  It starts at 11:35pm and you get a special award if you finish before midnight. Smile

          That's awesome!  Imagine if they staggered the starts based on your goal race time?  Talk about haulin' ass to beat the clock!


          Wickedly Average

            I've got the Karen Lawrence 4.2 mile run for St. Jude on New Years' Eve. It's an evening run, starting at 5:30 PM.


            I'll be working days all weekend, so my training will be limited (probably) to the treadmill unless I decide to venture out into the cold dark night. In which case I will not go gently....

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              Rage, Tom, Rage!


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                Didn't take long.....

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                Skirt Runner

                  Nope. Going to go visit my boyfriend. We've spent the last 2 New Year's apart (2 years ago because of a family emergency with his family, and last year because I had something going on with my family) so no racing for me!


                  Good luck to the New Year's racers! Dave I love the beat the ball idea! Really cool! Except I would NOT beat the ball lol

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                    DH and I are running the Harmony Silvester 5k on NYE. I'm going for a PR despite a tough course.

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                      Doing my first ever bike race, its 35 miles and you stop and get a playing card every 7 miles and at the end whoever has the best 5 card hand wins a prize, put on by my favorite local bike shop and free and just for fun.


                        Tacky Sweater 5K on Saturday. I'm pretty nervous. Not only do I not own a tacky sweater, but I don't know how many people will be there. I'm terrified I will be the slowest. The closest New Year run is 200 miles away in New Orleans. We'll be driving 35 miles as it is to the 5K on Saturday. At 8am. I'm not a morning person!


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                          Local 5K at 1 p.m. on New Year's Eve.



                            The only runs here this weekend are Beer Runs.  They are kind of expensive and are in the city.  I'd rather run on my own and drink my own beer.


                            Other than that, I have no intentions of running the Polar Dash on New Years Day.  I won't be trashed, but it is almost always way too cold here on New Years Day.  I'd rather sit around and snuggle up and eat leftovers from the party the night before.


                            more miles = more beer

                            Bad Ass

                              I have one maybe two more races before the end of the year.  We'll see.


                              I have a 5K on Saturday and the next race depends on whether the president gives us Monday off.



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                              It's always fucking hot in Miami!


                              hop, hop, hop...

                                Not a race but my kids and I are going to do a Midnight Mile together.

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