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Careful how you wear your running tights.... (Read 607 times)


    So I"m out on my 20 mile run today, and my ankle feels a little bit sore, but just kind of the way it feels when my shoes are starting to die, which I knew they were well on their way to, so I ignored it.  2 miles later, and a niggle has turned to soreness.  Another mile, and it was pain.  I called my husband to come pick me up, thought I was downright injured.  


    Get in the house and take off my shoes, and move the ankle of my tight since my skin was starting to itch under the elastic.  And BOOM, my ankle feels suddenly different.


    I walk a few pain.  Jog in place, jump up and down.....nothing.


    My stupid running tights were sitting on my ankle bone, compressing a tendon and making it sore.


    I moved the tights up a centimeter, went back outside, and ran 11 more miles with not a peep out of my ankle.



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      Glad it was nothing worse. 


        Glad you figured that out before it became a bigger problem!  I had a little mishap with my tights today too.  There are zippers at the bottom of the pant legs on my tights.  They run down the back of my Achilles tendon.  I've never had a problem with them before, but on today's run, they started to chafe.  Now I have a nice little bloody hole in the skin that covers my right Achilles.  I think it's time for some new tights with no zippers.


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          I totally thought this was going to be about chafing. For your sake, I'm glad it wasn't....and also glad that you figured out what it was and it turned out to be an easy fix!! Smile


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            Yikes! Glad it wasn't something worse!

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              Well, here's to an easy fix and NO injury!!  :-)


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                Sugnim:  Can you shift the tights so the zipper rests in the gap between the Achilles and the lateral malleolus?  That is what I have to do starting at the thigh, plus make sure the bottom is over the top of my socks.


                Or do you want new tights?  Big grin


                Sometimes I get a grass seed or something caught in the tights when I wash them, and when out on a run it just digs and digs.  Not fun.


                  Glad you worked it out! I actually think my tendon problem this fall may have been somewhat exacerbated by the calf sleeves I wore all through the 24-hour run.

                    sugnim: I had a similar thing with a zipper on a pair of running pants (not tights) that kept flapping against my Achilles during the run. I ended up unzipping them about 1" and problem solved.  

                    Train smart ... race smarter.


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                      If only all "injuries" could be fixed so easily, huh?!

                      chasing 5:59


                      because i never shut up ... i blog



                        If only all "injuries" could be fixed so easily, huh?!

                        True dat!


                        There have been many, but that is one of the oddest long run stories I have ever read!


                        This guy would be proud.


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                          And here I was afraid this was going to be a moose knuckle thread. Whew, the relief.


                            And here I was afraid this was going to be a moose knuckle thread. Whew, the relief.


                            For some reason, I always hear Gilbert Gottfried's voice when I read your posts.

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                              oh shit Gilbert... I have been branded.

                                The only thing I have to be careful about when wearing my tights is to wear shorts over the top of them.  I failed to do that on a recent run and let's just say that everything got colder than I'd have liked.

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