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RR - Rock n Roll, USA Marathon. 3.16.2013 - Pictures Added (Read 134 times)


    congratulations on your sub-4 hour.  Sounds like you ran a great race, despite your recent injury.


      I love when goals are met. Wow, what a GREAT PR! Congratulations! Who needs a pacer with splits like yours?! You did that like a pro! Bravo!

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      Run Long and Perspire

        Nice job on beating your goal today!  Sounds like the pacer made your job harder rather than easier, even if he came in about right.  Glad you had your wits about you to run your own race.

        Mostly harmless

          Thanks all!  Good luck to all the folks running the Shamrock today and all the other races too!

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          Ball of Fury

            Congratulations on your sub 4:00!!  You did an amazing job, especially with the pacer running in such a strange way!

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              Congrats on hitting your goal.


                Great race! Sounds like you learned more for next time. Congrats on your improvement.


                Skirt Runner

                  Awesome job! You should feel very proud of yourself! Great RR enjoyed the read!

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                    Congrats sir!  Reading this makes me think I might have a go at it one more time.

                    The first step is to get up off the couch!

                    delicate flower

                      Way to nail it, Scott!  35 minute improvement in one year is fantastic.



                      Barking Mad To Run

                        Congrats on your marathon and on achieving your goal!

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                        Mostly harmless

                          Kiwi Runner - Thanks so much.  I'm still kind of walking (limping actually) on air today.


                          Namtor - I'm ready for a milk shake run about now!


                          LRB - Thanks for the comments about the splits.  Regarding pacers, I've run with them 3 times now. In my first marathon last year and also in a HM last spring. The best experience by far was with the first marathon. That guy ran rock solid even splits from start to finish.  Of course it helps that it was a seaside course that was completely flat!  When I run my next marathon I'm going to try and go it alone from the start.


                          vwaldoguy, April, B-Plus - Thanks!


                          Pinktastic, Zelanie, AmiK - After giving it some thought, I can't really fault the pacer too much.  He didn't run it the way I wanted him to, but he got quite a few people across the finish line within a minute of their goal time.  I relied on him a lot from miles 13-20. I'm glad I got the chance to thank him after the race.


                          Sparker - I get the feeling that you want to give it a go? The journey is really worth taking if you are willing to risk it.


                          She Can - The injury frustrated me but maybe it was what I needed? The Achilles didn't bother me at all during the race.


                          tinman - Good luck hitting your goal!


                          Damaris, SIAR, GinnyinPA, lilly, hog4life, Supersono99, kristin, Baboon, Scotty - Thanks!


                          baxdaddy - That's quite flattering!  Good luck if you decide to give it a go!

                          "Their tears will salt the rims of my margaritas." - katarama

                            I think what you did is run right on the ragged edge and I love seeing stuff like that.  No matter how you train, those last few miles will always be really, really hard if you are going all out.  Way to hang in there.

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                              LTH - Thanks! I think you're right about running on the edge.  I had doubts about holding pace through the whole thing.


                              I figured out yesterday that I negative split by 47 seconds. woot!

                              "Their tears will salt the rims of my margaritas." - katarama


                                Great pics! The last two are awesome!!!

                                PRs: Boston Marathon, 3:27, April 15th 2013

                                        Cornwall Half-Marathon, 1:35, April 27th 2013

                                18 marathons, 18 BQs since 2010