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RR - Buffalo Subaru 4-Mile Chase 7/19 (Read 65 times)

    The Buffalo 4-Mile Chase lures fast runners from far and wide with its cash prizes and fast course.  It's also pretty sweet in that anyone who wins a road race of 5K or more during the calendar year can register for free (and is assigned a low number).


    After getting trounced by my frequent competitor Joe (and a few others) on Thursday night at a 5.1 mile trail race, my goal for this one was mostly to beat Joe.  I had number 29, he had 30.  Perfect.


    It was still Florida-esque at the 7:00 PM gun time, and I probably lined up a little bit too deep, having to pick my way through a bunch of slower people right off the bat.  It shook out after a bit though, with a whole herd of rabbits dying off by 1 mile.  I slowly passed Joe somewhere between 1 and 2, and for the rest of the race, I drove myself by assuming that he was within 10 yards, never looking back to confirm nor deny it.


    There were 3 other runners in my immediate vicinity for a long while -- a shirtless younger guy, a lady in the 40-44 AG, and another girl who seemed effortlessly fast.  The masters lady would drop a surge every time I drew even with her, gaining 10-15 yards and then bellowing loudly much like tennis players do.  It made staying in the zone difficult.  Eventually shirtless guy fell off, and between 3 miles and the finish, I found myself racing two women.


    Bellow slowly faded (unfortunately without leaving earshot), but Effortless stayed about 20 yards ahead of me.  For the last mile, it was tough to maintain a good pace, since there had been some gusty breezes to accompany the heat.  Finally, we drew even with the church that I had picked as my designator to begin landing sequence.  Almost there, no excuse to hold anything back.  Then we turned the last corner, a perfect couple hundred yards to the finish.  I just had to outkick Effortless, feeling pretty sure that no one else would come from behind.  And that's how it worked out, managing a 22:59 vs. last year's 22:37.


    I'm pleased with the result -- I think last year was one of  my best races ever, so a slower time on a less ideal day is acceptable.  It was good for 4th in my 35-39 AG (3rd, and 1st American if this guy is assigned to his correct AG) and a pink lawn flamingo prize.  The guy one second behind me?  No idea.  In the blur that is the end of a race, I don't even remember if I nipped him or if he had been that close to besting my kick.


    I drove home in a spectacular display of torrential rain and frequent lightning, very glad that it had held off until after the race.


    This photo from the early goings made me laugh, not sure exactly why Wink


    not these brains...


      574 looks like he's whipping his hair around, hah.


      Congrats! Sounds like an exciting race. I actually LOL'ed at the visual of bellows lady, much to the confusion of my kids.

      Old , Ugly and slow

        Great race.

        How much is the prize money that is an amazing field

        first race sept 1977 last race sept 2007


        2018 goals   1000  miles  , 190 pounds , deadlift 400 touch my toes

          Congratulations on the Pink Flamingo prize.  Running faster to get away from the pack of shirtless dudes?

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          Bad Ass

            Great job on a dismal day.  Enjoy the flamingo (to remind you of the Florida-esque conditions). Big grin



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            It's always fucking hot in Miami! (except for 3 days of the year)

              I can vouch that the weather in buffalo was AWFUL for running on Friday. At 4am it was bad, at 7 it was worse. Racing in that soup is hardcore. Nice work.


              and those torrential rains kept me in town longer than I wanted... And probably 10 wings and 2 labatts more than I needed at the airport Anchor

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                That is a pretty impressive leader board, way to represent.


                There seems to be a million 4 & 5 mile races in the New York area, I am not sure if there are two of each around these parts in a year.

                  Well crap.  Here I could have taken my Scott Teays Elementary 5K result and run a free race.  Mind you, it's 443 miles from Scott Depot, WV to Buffalo, NY so there would have been some minor travel expenses but hey, FREE RACE!  Big grin

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                  Mid term goal:  2:54:59 marathon

                  Long term goal: To say I've been a runner half my life.  (I started running at age 45).


                  Go figure

                    Great job! I would have died laughing trying to run by tennis groaner girl! Thinking of where you can start to push ahead of the race is a pretty smart idea - may steal that one from ya. No shame in not winning this one. It must have been fun to have that many talented competitors around.

                    Trying to find some more hay to restock the barn



                      Great job Jay! It sounds like a fun race, but not great conditions.

                      - Andrew


                        those conditions certainly weren't ideal, but that was an excellent result. great descriptions of the runners around you. made me laugh...especially the tennis player thing. congrats!

                        marathon pr - 3:16


                          How much is the prize money that is an amazing field



                          Open Male-Female

                          • 1st $1000
                          • 2nd $500
                          • 3rd $300
                          • 4th $200

                          Masters Male-Female

                          • 1st $600
                          • 2nd $300
                          • 3rd $250
                          • 4th $200
                          • 5th $175
                          • 6th $100
                          • 7th $75
                          • 8th $50

                          US Male-Female

                          • 1st $500
                          • 2nd $300
                          • 3rd $200
                          • 4th $100

                          Top Local Male and Female - $50

                          COURSE RECORD BONUS

                          • $1000 Masters Male
                          • $500 Open Male - Female and Masters Female

                            Great job racing, Jay! I love reading about how you race.



                              Well crap.  Here I could have taken my Scott Teays Elementary 5K result and run a free race.  Mind you, it's 443 miles from Scott Depot, WV to Buffalo, NY so there would have been some minor travel expenses but hey, FREE RACE!  Big grin


                              One would certainly have to give it some thought if they knew about it beforehand.  If I had nothing else going on, I would absolutely do it, at least once anyway.


                              Barking Mad To Run

                                Bellows lady, lol, good one!


                                Congrats on your race and the flamingo prize!

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