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So, how do you attract new members? (Read 542 times)



    We have lurkers coming out of the woodwork now. I don't see any need to recruit folks at all. There is an entire main forum out there.



    Seriously, people find the action, the action doesn't need to find them.


    This site may not generate the hits that other place did, but we will get our fair share of new members just as we always have.  


    The name beginners and beyond sounds reasonable. 

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      Hey if your going to start inviting regular RA people in here then I'm leaving.  I came in here to observe and record you guys in your natural habitat.


      Personally I would leave things alone for a week or two so that people still coming over know where to find you guys.  It is probablly easier with RWOL in the description.  Plenty of time for us all to mix and mingle.  You guys need time to find each other after the airplane crash and we need to time to get used to all of the new people on our island.  I hope that makes sense. 


      I miss LOST.

        Hey, can't we just enjoy this place for a week before we start to worry about it's imminent demise?  Big grin


        Man you've been around these places for a few 24 hours now.  Haven't you figured out that this is the nature of the BF?  I think this topic goes somewhere between "How do I breathe?" and "How do I keep the boombox that's strapped to my ass, from bouncing when running a 5K marathon?"


          I find talking about Mandy's beaver gets attention.

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            I find talking about Mandy's beaver gets attention.


            We've moved on from that and we now talk about her crotch.


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              Offer punch and pie to newcomers.

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                Offer punch and pie to newcomers.


                ...and a long-sleeved tech shirt!


                Hi, Dan!

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                  The way I found the BF in the first place was, it kept coming up every time I searched for a running topic.  Seems like the same thing would eventually happen here as we build up a body of RR posts.


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                    I think what LtH is getting at is how are we going to draw in the actual new runners.  I just Googled "running forums" and RA did not even make page 1 of the Google search.  RA is not even 3 pages in on the search so this will likely not draw on the C25K market.  Those will likely go to Runners World and get caught up in that mess.


                    Hell we are here not because it was our first choice but rather we went here because the grass was greener and seas were calmer.


                    The true beginner will likely not migrate to RA let alone our user group.  We have essentially succeeded from the running community with this user group.


                    Don't get me wrong, I like it here but I liked it at RWOL when the software works.


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                      I would think most specific questions and what-not would go into the main forums. At least, that's my plan. I don't want to be pigeon-holed in here to ask questions because I think there is value in receiving the wisdom of others who may or may not subscribe to the same philosophy that is widely shared amongst BF members.


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                        This isn't the RWOL BF. This is just a group of people who came from there. We are simply not going to be able to re-create that environment here. If we want to offer advice to newbies, we have the option of ducking out to the Running101 forum and posting there as part of the broader  community. If we want to engage in chit-chat with our former BF friends, we come in here. It's a matter of determining to what degree each individual here wants to integrate. I'm sure new members will cycle through, but it's not going to be the same kind of thing as the forum we left.


                          Hey, I'm new here.  Having only 1 page of threads on RWOL is ABSURD.  I must have joined here a while back because it said my e-mail address already had an account associated with it.

                          I AM WEEZER.

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                            Offer punch and pie to newcomers.


                            Good idea. More people will come if they think we'll have punch and pie.


                              >> You don't necessarily want to poach the Running 101 forum


                              Don't view it as "poaching".

                              Don't view it as "poaching".

                              Don't view it as "poaching".

                              Don't view it as "poaching".

                              Don't view it as "poaching".


                              Attract people into your clubhouse as you like.  It isn't going to take away from the lobby q/a area.  All can live in harmony.



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                                Hey, I'm new here.  Having only 1 page of threads on RWOL is ABSURD.  I must have joined here a while back because it said my e-mail address already had an account associated with it.

                                 YAY!!! Weezer! I've missed you in the dailies!!