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FriDAILIES FFS: Can I get an amen up in here? (Read 44 times)

Little Blue


    Fom what I see on youtube, it seems like an amateur radio frequency: 146.52 MHz.




    A HA!  I've met the guy briefly, and I'd much sooner believe the ham radio thing, rather than the triathalon thing.  If I see him out again, I'll ask.


    Seems 42 is not the answer.  Maybe to life and the universe, but not EVERYthing. 



      Very pretty, Lily.


      Yesterday, my kick was utterly destroyed.  With a long straightway to the finish, I kept procrastinating it, one guy on my shoulder, battling for 2nd and 3rd in a 5K that pays cash 5 deep.  When I finally judged that the move needed to be made, he gave me a couple yards and then dropped me like a bad punchline.  Ugh.  BUT, I always want a kick battle, and happened to lose this one badly.


      So, 200's?  Smile  Anyway, I got a crisp bill to spend on dinner tomorrow, haha.


        I meant to say google, not youtube in my radio frequency comment. I just read LB's answer and when I read my quoted post I went 'what???'


        Jay, sorry about your kick. Sounds like a challenging race.